20 January 2014

TOBY Industry Choice Awards 2014....my dream came true

Has anyone of you ever had a dream that came true exactly the way you dreamed it? Well, one of my dreams was to win a Toby Industry Choice Award some day. 
This dream became true yesterday, only not in the exact way, but in a pretty weird way and looking back a pretty funny way too.
It was a normal Sunday like many others. I was sitting in my studio, filling a little knitted body. And there was a question buzzing in my head: 
" Don't ya wanna know if you won a Toby Award "?
" No, it can wait till Monday " followed by a " Yes, I think I wanna know "
 ....so I switced on my pc....
First I opened my mailbox......NOPE!!! No email! 
Over to Facebook....checking status updates.....
I saw Toby Winners passing by, but it wasn't what I was looking for.
So I had already accepted that I was not amoungst the winners.
But I kept on searching a bit longer until I found a list of winners on blogspot.
I was scrolling through this list: the category I signed up for was the lastest one.
And all of a sudden I saw my name!!! I had to look twice!!!
Squeezed my arm and look again...my name was on the list.
I yelled for my husband who was downstairs.
He thought something serious had happened to me.
I danced a happy dance!
My first entry ever......my first Award ever!
I just feels so good to see your work has beeing rewarded and to see that my dream became true.  I still recall the moment that I saw my name on the list....
Here are the official photo's of my vignette called:
"I give you a piece of childhood"
aka Sophie's Toys

 I would like to thank all jugdges. You make me feel honored and proud.
And many congratulations to all other artists who have won a Toby Award.
Click > HERE < to view the list of winners of a Toby Industy Awards of 2014. 

 For those who wanna see more, please visit Sophie's own webpage