09 September 2014

Where on earth have you been....

........these past months!!!
From January till September: the days, weeks, months seem to be flying!

time flies
I feel that the time has come to tell you why it took so long.
Normally I do not like to talk and bother you with my personal stuff on Blogger,
but this time it will explain the reason why.
Very short after winning the Toby Award my mum
got seriously ill and needed a lot of care.
At the end of March I received severe back injury when gardening. Honestly, I've never had such pain in my entire life. For two months I could hardly do anything.
June came: time to paint the doors from our covered terrace that we build last year. After the job had done I felt very relieved. Finally prospect of a summer without ANY projects!! In rescent year our summers were filled with many projects.

In April and May I had time to evaluate my own work.
More than ever before and at the risk of sounding cliché I really do feel and found out I'm driven to make a change.

time for change
Already in the Autumn of 2013 I was no longer satisfied about my blog and website.
As you all know Microsoft ended suppporting Windows XP and thus they also pulled the plug from Frontpage! A huge shock to me as I love this software to build my website. At the end of April we got our new pc and Windows 7 stepped into my world. Reason: Frontpage compatible! Despite all facts about Frontpage and Windows 7 on the internet: the 64-bit Windows 7 does run Frontpage 2003.
In fact it is fully integrated in Office 2010!
Then I found out that Microsoft no longer supported the server software from my webhost too. BOINK!!! I send an email and they told me I was able to upload my website via FTP. It took a few minutes to find out how, but I'm able to maintain my website. Phew....quite a relief. One problem solved so far.
But......things are changing rapidly. Wordpress and WIX are rising stars if you want to build and maintain your own websites.
Pro's and cons: Wordpress need to be installed on your own pc and you need to look after updates as well. Plus you need to install it on the server of your webhost.
WIX is awesome: everything online and very user friendly.
But.....then there is my blog.....I found out that I no longer want to maintain a website + a blog. I wanted things to be easier to maintain and less time-consuming too.

moving in a new direction, crossroads

After a few weeks the "penny dropped": I want to merge my blog and website. So I choose for Blogger. Why: because I know how this works, it's online software, no worries about updates or whatsoever. It's from Google and Google loves/likes blogs.
And it's free to use!!!
I hear you thinking: but then your are stuck with a particular concept?
Answer: no absolutely not! On the contrary. After a few months I can say that Blogger offers a lot of posibilities. There is much more possible than we generally know. But you have to invest time, which I did. I love to build and maintain my own website. I love to Photoshop. And I want to design, build and maintain everything myself and I like to keep a blog format as well. Simply because I love this style so much.

By now I can say that I know how Blogger works! I know much more about HTML and CSS and I know how to deal with it. So yes I'm very proud.
I've been working on my new "blog-site" in these past months. And I'm pretty satisfied at how things turned out. But I need much more time to finish the project.

In the beginning of June my mother broke her wrist and needed a lot of care.
When she felt better, I was a nervous wreck and totally broken: mentally & physically, because I'm still dealing with my back injury too.
So all of August I took a time-out.
It is summer and I wanted to enjoy this time of year too as it is my favorite.

dream quote
And now it's September. I picked up my website work since yesterday.
And I only want to focus on that.
So now you know where I have been and what I have been doing
these past 7-8 months.
Milly Me will come back with a new website, a new look, a new homestyle.
When: I've honestly got no idea. It often depends on many factors that I can't control.
What about the designs, will there be a different look as well? Yes, they will also evolve. My head is full of designs, some designs are roughly sketched. I managed to make a few things......but they will remain secret untill my I completed my new blog-site, revamped my social media platforms as well.
So that everything is fully integrated into a new & fresh "Milly Me Community".

I end this blogpost with a quote of Coco Chanel saying: 
 coco chanel
Just because it's time to move on...and it's about time to make this change come true!

Take care!

20 January 2014

TOBY Industry Choice Awards 2014....my dream came true

Has anyone of you ever had a dream that came true exactly the way you dreamed it? Well, one of my dreams was to win a Toby Industry Choice Award some day. 
This dream became true yesterday, only not in the exact way, but in a pretty weird way and looking back a pretty funny way too.
It was a normal Sunday like many others. I was sitting in my studio, filling a little knitted body. And there was a question buzzing in my head: 
" Don't ya wanna know if you won a Toby Award "?
" No, it can wait till Monday " followed by a " Yes, I think I wanna know "
 ....so I switced on my pc....
First I opened my mailbox......NOPE!!! No email! 
Over to Facebook....checking status updates.....
I saw Toby Winners passing by, but it wasn't what I was looking for.
So I had already accepted that I was not amoungst the winners.
But I kept on searching a bit longer until I found a list of winners on blogspot.
I was scrolling through this list: the category I signed up for was the lastest one.
And all of a sudden I saw my name!!! I had to look twice!!!
Squeezed my arm and look again...my name was on the list.
I yelled for my husband who was downstairs.
He thought something serious had happened to me.
I danced a happy dance!
My first entry ever......my first Award ever!
I just feels so good to see your work has beeing rewarded and to see that my dream became true.  I still recall the moment that I saw my name on the list....
Here are the official photo's of my vignette called:
"I give you a piece of childhood"
aka Sophie's Toys

 I would like to thank all jugdges. You make me feel honored and proud.
And many congratulations to all other artists who have won a Toby Award.
Click > HERE < to view the list of winners of a Toby Industy Awards of 2014. 

 For those who wanna see more, please visit Sophie's own webpage