28 January 2013


I would like you to meet FLEUR

She is a sweet whimsical puppy made from hand dyed viscose.
 Fleur is filled with heaps of character and lotsa charm.

Her cotton navy dress, collar and hat are handmade, some parts are hand stitched.
It's beautifully shaded and distressed for an old and worn look. 
Fleur is approx. 32 cm - 12.6 inches tall.
A beautiful box with embroidered band and the watering can are part of this set.
Fleur has a unique style hat and very cute posable ears which I did in a new technique.
And I just love her big shaded smokey eyes and sparse stitched nose.
It makes her so adorable and sweet.
I had heaps of fun when creating her and I hope you like her too.

Fleur  has been ADOPTED - huge thanks!

26 January 2013

Announcement: NEW PIECE.....coming soon...!!!

It's winter in Holland and boy oh boy it is really cold outside.
It feels like living in a large chest freezer :o)
But it's springtime in my studio.
There is a soft scent of roses, it smells heavenly.
Of course I'm referring to my new piece and I'm happy to say that it is completed!!!
It's a plendid NEW design and she (yep, it's a she) turned out so well.
I think it's one of my best designs and I can't stop looking at her.

I'm sure that you are very curious and like to know what's coming up.
So I give you some sneak-peeks and hints:
 Well....any idea what it will be...? Let me know.

I'm wishing you a very happy weekend and

19 January 2013

Free Vintage Tags: for Valentine's Day

February is on it's way and that means also Valentine's Day.

Will you, won't you
Do you, don't you
Love me, darling, Valentine?
For I love you very dearly,
And I want you to be mine.

I made these free download tags for you: 
1. Left click on image to enlarge -  2. Right click to save to your PC
1. Linkermuisknop om de afbeelding te vergroten - 2. Rechtermuisknop om op te slaan op je PC
Tag size approx. 5 x 8 cm - 2 x 3.2 inch - 300 dpi

How to get a good high quality print >> CLICK HERE <<
 Studio Update:
My newest piece is completed!
I'm so happy with this new design and it turned out so well.
Photoshoot next week.

It's freezing in Holland and today it's very very cold.
So I stay in side near the fire place with a hot cup of coco and a large dot of whipped cream.
I wish you all a jolly good weekend.

14 January 2013

I once said: " YES I DO "

I just can't believe that I said this words 16 years ago.
Today I'm celebrating my 16th wedding anniversary.

I still remember the wedding day.
We just had a period of snow and frost. 
It really felt like a mid-winter-wedding.
16 Years passed by, but I do hope that my marriage will be:
Because I still LOVE him very much.
And I don't know where I would be without him.

Marriage is caring and sharing,
giving and forgiving,
loving and being loved,walking hand in hand,
talking heart to heart, to give and to take
and to see trough each others eyes.

07 January 2013

Free Vintage Tags: Lots of Beary Hugs

Here are some tags which I made and which I wanna share with you.
There are so many uses for these tags - the possibilities are endless: birthdays, gifts, as a label for your teddy bears or other projects. It's up to your creative mind :o)
The label is made at 300 dpi high quality and ready to print.

1. Left click on image to enlarge. 2. Right click to save to your PC

Tag size approx. 5 x 8 cm - 2 x 3.2 inch

The sheet below is made at 180 dpi - medium quality.
Safe them with your photo software at 300 dpi or print them at 300 dpi!
Click on Image - right mouse click to View & to safe File
Check if your image is saved at 300 dpi (= resolution or pixels). If not adjust it.
Use 220 gr. ivory cardstock (in my case Papicolor).
Check if your printer does accept this type!
The type of paper makes a huge difference in your print quality!!! I cannot stress this enough.
Nex step: select your printer settings.
After clicking on the print button a little screen will pop up. Instead of clicking on the ok button (like you normally do), now you go to properties.

Below is a screen shot how it looks on my computer.
Yours may look a little different, but it should be pretty similar.:
On your properties screen you choose:
- matte photo paper (even though you print on cardstock the result will be better)
- then you go to quality option or whatever your screen offers and select highest quality.
- and the you hit the OK button

After printing cut them out and if you like you can distress the edges. 
Tie them with a coordinating piece of ribbon, button twine, bakers twist,
whatever you like to use.

I made them slightly different but:
Tip: I used deckle-edge scissors (Reuser) to cut the tags.
Best of luck when you create your own tags!!!

01 January 2013

I literally invaded the New Year 2013...!!!

Boy oh boy...what a great start of my New Year!
At 00:03 I literally fell into 2013....LOL!!!
How on earth did that happen...?
I just wanted to see the fireworks from the bathroom window.
So wanted Ymke our dog. I lifted her up the way I always do.
But somehow she was so gready to look at what happenend outside that I got out of balance and fell backwards with her in my arms.
I stood it the tub which is located under the sloping edge of the roof.
What a brilliant spot to fall down!!!
Within a split second I realized: " Oh no, oh no, oh no....wrong place to fall ", and there I lay!!!
My husband came just in, but too late to catch me...
I fell mainly on the right side and it feels like: OUCH & AU when moving my arm.There's probably a small tear in my elbow because I recognize the pain of a previous fall.
It hurts too much when I want to lean on it.
My butt hurts when I want to sit...I think it has "absorbed" the fall...ggg.
I also realize that I've been very lucky: a couple of centimeters to the right and the corner of the shower would have broken the fall with all its consequences.

I suppose that I had a gardian angel at my shoulder. 
I just cross my fingers that this is not a precursor for the rest of 2013!!!

I wish you all a happy and above all a healthy 2013.
I hope your start is better than mine...he he he.
I also do hope that your dreams will come true.

I just want to say huge THANKS to those who became my blog followers in the past year.
Thank you for your lovely visits and comments, I very much appreciate it.
See you in 2013!!!
ps: Ymke, my doggie is OK!!!