24 December 2013

For Christmas: " I give you a piece of childhood "


After a long break I'm very pleased to introduce this NEW DESIGN in which I have developed and perfected several new techniques which allow me to be even more creative in my work. I spent many many weeks (acutally months) blisfully creating Sophie and her toys into a one-of-a-kind vignette. 
I just love how this set turned out!
Few words can express the frenzy I experience when I lay eyes on a blank canvas.
I'm always very eager to bring the idea in my head to life and to improve my skills.
Once I developed an artistic vision for Sophie, I start by drawing the pattern.
But it remains a surprise at how 2D will look like in 3D.
The idea for this vignette is based on one of the pictures from one of the well known books by Jill Barklem: Brambley Hedge
I've always been a kind of fashionista and I love to dress my creations.
So the best part of teddy bear art in my case is designing and making the outfit.
Sophie wears a darling dress that I especially designed for her.
It's made of cotton and trimmed with beautiful fine French laces.

Underneath an underskirt made of ultra-thin cotton gaze
trimmed with a piece of ruffled blue lace.

She has unique hand tinted markings on her face and lopped ears.
(they can swivel!)
Sophie's cardigan is made of cotton in sandstone beige with old brique edges.
I was difficult to knit a perfect fit and I had to knit it at least 3 times.
Third time lucky!!!
I wanted Sophie to be able to sit on a box. In order to realize that I've designed bent legs. Believe me if I say that it was easier said then done.
It was quite difficult to design the correct proportions and the
correct angle of the legs. I've made 7 prototypes!!!
It's quite difficult to design the correct proportions and the
correct angle of the legs. I've made 7 prototypes!!!
She is sitting on a box which is made from wood and the front and back
are covered with beautiful emboidered pieces of linen. 

This lil' bunny is sitting behind the wooden block and posed this way you can read the word SHE. But wait.....there is more.....
I painted more letters, when you see all 6 sides next to each other they spell: 
Yes correct, the letter block has become very personal!
If you want to see more of Sophie, then please visit the website.

Sophie  has been ADOPTED - huge thanks!
I also want to wish you a:
Wonderful Christmas and a New Year
filled with lots of creativity, joy, happiness and many treasured moments.
Thanks a bunch for your kind comments and friendship here on Blogger.
I very much appreciate it.
Hugs and


Joyce Mayer said...

Merry Christmas.

Таня said...

!!!! :)

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Thea your work is totally awesome. All the attention to detail makes it quite unique, so beautiful.

Ik ben Esther said...

Helemaal super geweldig!!! Je hebt jezelf weer helemaal overtroffen met deze nieuwe creatie,echt soooo cute!!!
Ben benieuwd wat je hierna weer zal gaan maken het wordt vast ook weer superleuk...:O)
Hele fijne Kerstdagen en een goede jaarwisseling alvast!!!
Heel veel liefs,