30 July 2013


Summer has arrived in Holland and a lot has happened since my last post. Literally!
First of all we are still working on our covered terrace.
The walls are built and must harden.
I'm really looking foward to see it finished, can't wait for my long desired lounge set to arrive.
But I'm afraid I won't be sittin' on the sofa this year.
 And just now we have a wonderful summer.
(won't be surprised if next summer will be completely different: rainy & cloudy!
 I'll almost bet that it will be so....You can count on that.....LOL)

Then there is something going on with myself.
In the past couple of months I got more and more problems: physically & mentally.
Eventually I went to the doctor because I was totally exhausted,
without an apparent cause for this. Over 10 hrs. of sleep were not enough to recover. Lethargy & feeling extremely tired, servere muscle pains, a yellow looking skin, extremely dry skin & hair, a hoarse voice, being sensitve to cold etc. etc. 
At first I thought these were peri-menopause symptoms. 
That is why it is so difficult to recognize. You really think that it is a normal body process.
Because the results of the blood test proved that I was suffering from an underactive thyroid!!!
Uhh, pardon me, a what.... ?
After googling I found that the symptoms I had for many many months (or years?) were indeed 
belonging to an underactive thyroid.
 I immediately recognized a large number of symptoms for which I could not find a reason.
Believe me it was quite a shock too!
 I now get thyroid hormone replacement and I should be set to the correct doses properly. This takes a lot of patience dust and time to find the proper doses.
For now I only suffer from nasty side effects (angina pectoris, heavy sweating, muscle cramps)
I need to learn how to deal with it! The future will tell me what will happen!
Stay calm and beeing positive is the only thing I can do 
apart from a good diet & being active outside.
Positive effect is that I no longer have that extreme feeling of general exhaustion! Yeah! 
And I know now that it can be cured very well.
I'm really crossing my fingers of getting more energy, because the lack of it was killing me in the past couple of years. You want to do so much more and yet your body & soul are undermining it and there is not a damn thing you can do about it unless you do a blood test to find out what's wrong.
From what I know now is that you can have a lot of symptoms without knowing the reason why and you will be misunderstood a lot of times for your behaviour.
I have to admit that I feel somewhat relieved to know what the problem is.
 Hopefully I can recover well from both physical "discomforts".
Fingers crossed.....
Another thing that I need to deal with is that  is my DEXA bone scan  
(as my mom has servere osteoporosis)
I made one in 2007 and who now had to be repeated. 
In 2007 I had a beginning stage of osteopenia, but there was no reason to be worried.
Osteopenia -> the precursor to osteoporosis!!!
However, the scan of this year showed a significant decrease of chalk especially the lower back.
Action needed: -> extra calcium + vit. D3 must keep it everything under control. 
I'm happy to know it so soon. 
As many many others, like my mum, were much and much too late.

And then there is my new piece!!
At last it is completed after so many months (it was time consuming as it was much more work too). 
But I'm so happy with the result and I like to look at her.She bringing me hugs & smiles.
I only need to add just an itty-bitty accent on the box (= now done!).
I'm waiting for the weather to cool down to take proper pictures
(we are supposed to have extreme hot weather this week)
So you need some more patience dust before she will appear on my website & blog.

So I thaught I should let you know that I'm still alive,
but I'm not as much around in social media then I used to be.
Because of all my problems I was less interested too.
All I want is my body to recover and hopefully I can make a fresh start after 
our holiday break in September.
And besides all this I want to be more creative instead of 
spending too much of my time at socializing on the internet.
It's a fantastic medium, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming too.
In order to this I'm trying to limit my time in front of my pc.
I want to have more:
" Bits of Freedom "
And that's a real challenge! 

I hope you enjoy your:

Enjoy your summer holidays


Ik ben Esther said...

Tjonge Thea,wat een toestand!!!Ik miste je al een tijdje.Wat fijn dat ze gevonden hebben wat je scheelde al die tijd,nu kan je in ieder geval met medicijnen beginnen weer te genezen en weer langzaamaan opknappen.Ik was ook al een tijdje door gezondheids problemen niet op internet maar ben wel steeds blogjes blijven lezen en maakte me zorgen om je joh!!
Wat naar dat je van de medicijnen zulke bijwerkingen hebt!! Ik ken het,je hebt de medicijnen nodig maar met de dingen eromheen ben je alles behalve blij!!...:O(
Je tuin knapt al mooi op hoor,en ik ben zo ontzettend nieusgierig naar je nieuwe project!!
Neem rustig je tijd en ik wens je enorm veel sterkte met alles,ik hoop zo dat je je snel weer beter gaat voelen!!!
Veel liefs!

Wendy Chamberlain said...

So sorry to hear about your thyroid problems, hope the medication starts to work soon and that you feel a lot better. Your terrace work looks good, hope summer lasts a while longer so that you get to enjoy it!

Xanadu said...

Hello Thea, I am so sorry to read you have been unwell, but pleased that it something that can be dealt with. I too have been avoiding the web social scene as we have been quite busy with the renovations (2nd bathroom will be finished this week). Your new creation looks quite wonderful, you know I love bunnies almost as much as bears and will probably be tempted as I always am by your sweet little animals. :)
Take care of yourself,
Sandi X