21 June 2013

Organize your BLOG reading with BLOG LOVIN'

Goodness me, can anyone tell me why weeks pass by so fast?
Well, like you I think I know the answer to this question: because I'm so bloody busy!!!
How could it be otherwise!!!

Today an important blogpost about
I do not now how many of you use Google Reader to read and control all the blogs you follow 
( I usually use Bloggers own reading list)
but when I click on Google Reader I see the following message:

In  my humble opinion there is a PERFECT solution!!!
As you can:
I already signed up and I must admit I find it very easy to use.
You can manage the all sorts of blogs you follow.
Not only from Blogger, but also from Typepad etc.
You can create your own themed folders, etc, etc.
You can mark them as read (they lighten up), you can like them, share them.
I just love these features.
Just everything is so well organized
I'm aware of other alternatives like Feedly etc. (which has an app for Smartphones),
but I prefer this one.


When you click on the blog you want to read, then this is how your window will look:
While checking all the updates I found out that I'm one of the featured artists on the
Guild of Master Bear Crafters!
Thank you so much Paula! I'm honored, I feel proud and I very much appreciate it.

You can also claim your own blog too.
This is what I see when I open my own blog. Yours will probably look similar.
 Now if you want to
Maybe you like to sign up too. 
I'm sure you 

Studio Update:
All the little accessoiries are completed! Allthough it took me many hours to make them, it's worth the time and they are even better than I expected. So I'm a happy girl!!!
I'm now working on the latest part: the box.
I'm aware of the fact that it has been a while ago since I completed my latest piece.
But it's not the only thing that keeping me busy.
Our garden project also requires a lot of my time too.
It's a huge mess at the moment.
 We want to build a new covered terrace for a splendid new lounge-set which has been
on my wish list for soooooooooo long!!!
 This is my inspiration.

Instead of using wood we will build the walls from black/brownish/reddish masonry bricks which are made the traditional way like in 1919. I love all things that are produced the traditional way. 
(now I wonder why....he he he)
There is only one single fabric in Holland called the Vogelensangh 
who produces these type of bricks.

So when I spotted a leak in our big pond....ahhh....tsjakka.....
now's the time that my dream can come true!
We managed to get rid of a few thousend liters of water.
The frogs and fish found a newer and much better and much BIGGER pond!
Although some rogs stayed, they found humid area's in the garden. I hope they will stay...!!!
Swamp and oxygen plants were moved to another wet spot in the garden, because I want to make a new smaller pond just for froggies and other small water critters. 
And with a whole new area for birds to splash around.
So if I'm not Bloggin' much...it's because.....all my projects that keep my busy.
And meanwhile I also want to enjoy summer (before I know it will be September...ah!)

Enjoy your summer holidays! 

 I've said it before, I love when things are made the professional way.
This time I want to feature a special friend here on my blog.
Her name is Lynne Johnston and she's living in Olathe/Kansas - USA.
I "met" her trough Facebook and she now has become one of my best "virtual" friends.
Very recently Lynne opened her Etsy Shope which is called:

 I just love these floral print fabric bag purse tote.
It's giving me a feelin' of hazy lazy romantic summer days. It's so beautifully made.
If you are curious and want to see more of Lynne's work, then visit her Etsy shop.

You can also LIKE her FAN PAGE on FACEBOOK
I'm sure you like what you see.