10 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day - You are "BEARY SWEET"

Well it's a fact: this coming Sunday it will be Mother's Day!
 And I wanna say thanks to a most wonderful mother that I have.
M = voor al onze Mooie Momenten
A = voor Allesomvattende Liefde
Mam, ik ben zo blij met jou.
Bedankt en een fijne
High Tea with me & my creative, beloved Mum of 82!
 M = for Magic Moments together
E = for Embracing Love
Dear mini-Momma, I'm so happy with you.
Thanks and have a great

I'm still working on my new piece.
Do I dare to say : " Perhaps my best creation ever ? ''
Yep, I think I do.
Do you know this problem: trying to find THE MOST suitable lace or piece of ribbon? When you have so many in your stash, it can be a real crime!!! :)
It's becoming a very exclusive piece and I enjoy every minute of bringing it more and more to life. And I'm starting to really attatch to this piece. Perhaps more than I want....
Updates will follow......in my next post!

Meanwhile for those who live north of the equator: ENJOY YOUR SPRING TIME!!!
Our pear tree blossom
I know I do, the fibrant blossom colors, the delicious sweet spring scents especially after rain.
Beautiful white Fritillaria meleagris. They are becoming increasingly rare in the Dutch "wilderness". I'm happy to have them in my own garden.
 I thoroughly enjoy this time of year!

PS: I added a button on my blog. 
On this page you can articles about me and my work that have appeared in various media.

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Joyce Mayer said...

A most beautiful post for a very beautiful Mom.

Wish her Happy Mother's Day from all of us.