20 April 2013

Sometimes little things can bring the greatest joy ♥

A lot of things passed since my previous post.
I'm not neglecting my blog, it's just a matter of beeing busy with other things.
First of all: ahhhhh we have a LEAK in our BIG pond so we decided to redo a part our garden.
This means a lot of work and a lot of plants which I wanna keep, like my beautiful romatic roses, now have a new spot in my garden.
Pooh, it seemed as if they did not want another spot.
So I told them to behave brave and that I made up my mind....!!!
So the garden is all done (for now) ...►
the BIG job needs to be done: close the whole PIT and build a new terrace......
......and again a new pond but not so large and especially for birds & frogs, no more fish!!
They're yet again consumed by nasty herons!!!

I'm also pretty busy in my studio. New pieces were designed and created.
 I told you in my previous post that I picked up my knitting needles again and started to figure out a new knitting pattern:
cast on, insert, knit stitches together, increase stitches etc.
You probably remember this picture from my previous post.
These knitted parts should turn into a tiny little bunny.
 And now I I'm so happy to present to you the final result:
Here she is: the "unedited" version of the bunny.
She's approx. 10 cm - approx. 4 inches: ALL INCLUSIVE!!!
But as always...she insisted to go the make-up studio.
.....allez HOP HOP.....
.....here we go.....

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA and here is the "edited" re-new-and-old-born-bunny-version:
I for sure LIKE here and I hope you do to.
Have a happy weekend, the sun in shining in Holland and I'm gonna enjoy this weekend!


Joyce Mayer said...

Wow, you have been busy in the garden.

Bunny is precious.

Happy weekend.


Inselprinzessin said...

Oh, wie süß ist dieses kleine Hasenkind, liebe Thea. Ich wünsche Dir ein ganz wundervolles Wochenende mit viel Sonne für den Garten .....
Alles Liebe von Anja

Ik ben Esther said...

Ahhh goshie wat een lieverdje!!!
Wat is ze lekker 'oud'geworden,echt super!!!
Heerlijk he dat het nou eindelijk een beetje mooi weer wordt,ik geniet ervan,geeft energie voor nieuwe creatieve input toch?
Ik ben ook met tuinplannen bezig maar heb de hele tuin vol staan met zevenblad,aaaaarrrrggghhh.
Geen idee wat ik eraan kan doen,ik heb al gespoten maar het helpt allemaal niks,misschien toch maar de hele tuin betegelen...mmmm
We hebben gelukkig nog tijd voor het zomer is...
Liefs Esther

M. ALLISON said...

Wow !!! Théa, your little bunny is so sweet !! before and after makeup !! but I prefer .....after !!!!!
Lovely week-end to you with sun !!!

Bear hugs


sharon's shabby creations said...

Lieve Thea,

Wat ben ik er weer helemaal verliefd op. Wat een geweldig talent heb je , en dan die samenstelling met die foto's het is gewoon perfect!!! Ook echt begrijpelijk dat het lieve schatje al snel naar een nieuw huisje gaat!!

Veel liefs Sharon

Regina said...

Love love LOVE this little bunny...especially the vintage, worn looking one.