20 April 2013

Sometimes little things can bring the greatest joy ♥

A lot of things passed since my previous post.
I'm not neglecting my blog, it's just a matter of beeing busy with other things.
First of all: ahhhhh we have a LEAK in our BIG pond so we decided to redo a part our garden.
This means a lot of work and a lot of plants which I wanna keep, like my beautiful romatic roses, now have a new spot in my garden.
Pooh, it seemed as if they did not want another spot.
So I told them to behave brave and that I made up my mind....!!!
So the garden is all done (for now) ...►
the BIG job needs to be done: close the whole PIT and build a new terrace......
......and again a new pond but not so large and especially for birds & frogs, no more fish!!
They're yet again consumed by nasty herons!!!

I'm also pretty busy in my studio. New pieces were designed and created.
 I told you in my previous post that I picked up my knitting needles again and started to figure out a new knitting pattern:
cast on, insert, knit stitches together, increase stitches etc.
You probably remember this picture from my previous post.
These knitted parts should turn into a tiny little bunny.
 And now I I'm so happy to present to you the final result:
Here she is: the "unedited" version of the bunny.
She's approx. 10 cm - approx. 4 inches: ALL INCLUSIVE!!!
But as always...she insisted to go the make-up studio.
.....allez HOP HOP.....
.....here we go.....

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA and here is the "edited" re-new-and-old-born-bunny-version:
I for sure LIKE here and I hope you do to.
Have a happy weekend, the sun in shining in Holland and I'm gonna enjoy this weekend!