29 March 2013

Happy Easter - Христос воскрес - Vrolijk Pasen - Fröhliche Ostern - Joyeux Pâques

I would like to wish everyone a very:
 These two are one of my latest creations.
The one left is Mini-Fleur. I - dramatically- reduced the pattern of her larger sister Fleur.
Mini Fleur - or maybe I should call her Fleurette -  is now 10½  cm - 4.1 inches tall.
She's not finished yet...the poor thing is undressed and I'm knitting a "petite" dress for her.
Therefore I'm making a new knitting pattern which is always a bit of
....what's in the pen....hihihi....
 So I myself do NOT know at how the result will turn out.
So you're not the only ones who will be curious :o)

This - ahum - "MESS" below is supposed to be a little knitted bunny.   
I know I know......abacadabra too, isn't it.
I even can't deny it myself  LOL.
You must have a very imaginative mind to see the "LIL BUN".
But I see one.....just take a good look!!!

And here is the new COLLECTION on which I'm working at the moment.
 ...these little INI-MINI'S are not completed yet...

The one on the right is part of the new piece, that's for sure!
The others: no idea - yet - : single sets, part of sets.......IREALLYDUNNOW yet.
Time will tell me.....
There is one thing for sure: this past couple of weeks here at the Milly Me Studio - because of all the new designs - have been hectic to put it simply.
 There is an idea in my mind,
but my mind doesn't stop getting new ideas while working on a new design :o)
It's my way of working. I've said it before: it drives me nuts sometimes!
 So I need a few more weeks to complete the whole set.
But so far this TRIO turned out well
and I've fallen in ♥ with those little bundles of sweetness. 
What about you....???

Happy Easter Everyone  

ps: eet niet teveel chocolade eitjes, dat doe ik ook niet .... :o)


Joyce Mayer said...

Happy Easter my friend.

Oh, little mini has her little bow on so I don't think she minds that her dress isn't finished yet.

Fleurette is a sweet name, just look at that little innocent expression.


Kays Kids said...

That little trio of bears is beautiful. Sounds like your imagination is running on overtime.
I can see that little girl can't wait for her dress.

Ik ben Esther said...

Oeioei,dat ziet er weer schattig en spannend tegelijk uit joh!Ik ben echt heel erg benieuwd hoe het er allemaal klaar uit komt te zien..:O)
Ik krijg bij het zien van zoveel creativiteit wel weer zin om ook weer eens een haasje te gaan maken,
maar moet eerst het huidige project afmaken.
Hele fijne Paasdagen gewenst!!
Liefs Esther

M. ALLISON said...

Happy Easter to you Théa !! have a lovely week-end !
I love your new collection.... I love Fleurette !!!


sharon's shabby creations said...

Hoi Thea,

Bij het zien van zoveel moois maakt me hart een sprongetje!!! Het is weer allemaal te enig en zo perfect uitgewerkt!!! Ben benieuwd naar je project in wording. Ik wens je hele fijne paasdagen!!

Veel liefs Sharon