29 March 2013

Happy Easter - Христос воскрес - Vrolijk Pasen - Fröhliche Ostern - Joyeux Pâques

I would like to wish everyone a very:
 These two are one of my latest creations.
The one left is Mini-Fleur. I - dramatically- reduced the pattern of her larger sister Fleur.
Mini Fleur - or maybe I should call her Fleurette -  is now 10½  cm - 4.1 inches tall.
She's not finished yet...the poor thing is undressed and I'm knitting a "petite" dress for her.
Therefore I'm making a new knitting pattern which is always a bit of
....what's in the pen....hihihi....
 So I myself do NOT know at how the result will turn out.
So you're not the only ones who will be curious :o)

This - ahum - "MESS" below is supposed to be a little knitted bunny.   
I know I know......abacadabra too, isn't it.
I even can't deny it myself  LOL.
You must have a very imaginative mind to see the "LIL BUN".
But I see one.....just take a good look!!!

And here is the new COLLECTION on which I'm working at the moment.
 ...these little INI-MINI'S are not completed yet...

The one on the right is part of the new piece, that's for sure!
The others: no idea - yet - : single sets, part of sets.......IREALLYDUNNOW yet.
Time will tell me.....
There is one thing for sure: this past couple of weeks here at the Milly Me Studio - because of all the new designs - have been hectic to put it simply.
 There is an idea in my mind,
but my mind doesn't stop getting new ideas while working on a new design :o)
It's my way of working. I've said it before: it drives me nuts sometimes!
 So I need a few more weeks to complete the whole set.
But so far this TRIO turned out well
and I've fallen in ♥ with those little bundles of sweetness. 
What about you....???

Happy Easter Everyone  

ps: eet niet teveel chocolade eitjes, dat doe ik ook niet .... :o)

26 March 2013

Back from Wiesbaden (Germany)

Sometimes you need to break out especially when Mr. Winter isn't going to move one single bit to let Mrs. Spring in. I don't know how you feel, but I'm fed up with it.
A week ago I attented the international " TEDDY BÄR WELT " in Wiesbaden (Germany).
It's without a doubt one of the best teddy bear shows.
On Saturday the weather was fine (there was snow and sleet prodicted!) and there was a queue waiting for the doors to open. 
It was booming business as always...
 ....and lots to see....
...and lots to buy...
These magnificant little felted bears are made by Gabrielè from unPetitOurs.
Ian Pout from Teddy Bears of Witney showed his collection of well hugged bears.
I'm not sure what his name is, but I'm sure he is made by Forget-me-Not Bears.
Left: ???? I'm sorry don't know his name...  
The original Dulcie was bought in 1994 by Janice, one of the shops staff members. Dulcie was a primitive and love-worn French teddy bear from circa 1910-20.
Janice chirstened her "Dulcie" and since then her new home is in Witney.
Sometimes you see surprising things like these cute cat pillows & scarf which are made by
 hihi...I ♥ these fluffy cuties.
And not only bears found new homes...also did these chocolates below!!!
Thank you Olga....they were super yummie!!!
I was very lucky that I didn't want to attend the show on Sunday.
When we opened our windows the world outside was covered with a white blanket.
Pfff....in this time of year it should at least be bit warmer & sunnier then this.
I've seen enough show this winter and I want some sunshine on my face.
But at least one member of our family enjoyed the hills covered in snow.
And that my fluffy friend Ymke....she just loves to ran up & down the hills to search for:
→ MICE ←
She can hear them underneath the snow and boy those mice were pretty lucky that she didn't catch any of them. She can snap them out of nowhere. 
But not this time....clever mice and poor dog...he he he.
We stayed the whole week in Germany: we fully reset our minds, our batteries are recharged!!!
So to Germany we say DANKESCHÖN and:
See ya in 2014.