14 January 2013

I once said: " YES I DO "

I just can't believe that I said this words 16 years ago.
Today I'm celebrating my 16th wedding anniversary.

I still remember the wedding day.
We just had a period of snow and frost. 
It really felt like a mid-winter-wedding.
16 Years passed by, but I do hope that my marriage will be:
Because I still LOVE him very much.
And I don't know where I would be without him.

Marriage is caring and sharing,
giving and forgiving,
loving and being loved,walking hand in hand,
talking heart to heart, to give and to take
and to see trough each others eyes.


The Bear's Blog said...

Happy Anniversary.

heibeni-bären said...

Dear Thea,
Happy Anniversary to you and your husband :)
I send you many lovely regards

sharon's shabby creations said...

Heel veel geluk samen op naar de volgende 16 jaar van harte!!

Groetjes Sharon

bear's house said...

Hi dear...have a fantastic Anniversary!!! NI

Sandi said...

So pleased to read you are celebrating 16 years Thea ... Happy Anniversary to you both ... hope you have many more years together.

zarina-bears said...

Hello Thea! Congratulations to the 16 anniversary of the wedding! It's so cool when people carry their love for many years, when feelings are as strong and mutually :) My husband and 8 February marked their 16th anniversary wedding :)