01 January 2013

I literally invaded the New Year 2013...!!!

Boy oh boy...what a great start of my New Year!
At 00:03 I literally fell into 2013....LOL!!!
How on earth did that happen...?
I just wanted to see the fireworks from the bathroom window.
So wanted Ymke our dog. I lifted her up the way I always do.
But somehow she was so gready to look at what happenend outside that I got out of balance and fell backwards with her in my arms.
I stood it the tub which is located under the sloping edge of the roof.
What a brilliant spot to fall down!!!
Within a split second I realized: " Oh no, oh no, oh no....wrong place to fall ", and there I lay!!!
My husband came just in, but too late to catch me...
I fell mainly on the right side and it feels like: OUCH & AU when moving my arm.There's probably a small tear in my elbow because I recognize the pain of a previous fall.
It hurts too much when I want to lean on it.
My butt hurts when I want to sit...I think it has "absorbed" the fall...ggg.
I also realize that I've been very lucky: a couple of centimeters to the right and the corner of the shower would have broken the fall with all its consequences.

I suppose that I had a gardian angel at my shoulder. 
I just cross my fingers that this is not a precursor for the rest of 2013!!!

I wish you all a happy and above all a healthy 2013.
I hope your start is better than mine...he he he.
I also do hope that your dreams will come true.

I just want to say huge THANKS to those who became my blog followers in the past year.
Thank you for your lovely visits and comments, I very much appreciate it.
See you in 2013!!!
ps: Ymke, my doggie is OK!!!


The Bear's Blog said...

Happy & SAFE New Year.

Well, I guess you can say that you and Ymke brought in the New Year with a bang and a few bumps.

Seriously, thank goodness it wasn't more serious. Be careful. Next year, watch fireworks on television.


Sandi said...

Now tell me Thea, just how much Champagne had you consumed before that fall. :) So pleased you didn't break anything.

Hope 2013 brings you continued success with your lovely creations!
Warmest hugs,

Kayjay said...

Oh no!! That's not the best start to 2013 but it can only get better right?

Happy New Year, may 2013 be a happy one for you x

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Thea! Happy New Year to you also. I am so sorry about your fall. Of course you had to save puppy so you took the brunt of the fall yourself. Bless your heart. I hope you have many better days ahead.

big hugs!

M. ALLISON said...

Hope you are OK Théa !!! and I would like to whish you a beautiful and happy new year !!! and a lot of lovely bears, rabbits.....
Have a great evening !!!

Leny said...

OMG Thea,how are you now..???This will hurt for a while,,take care!!
Glad Ymke is OK!!!!!!

Feel better soon!!
Big Hugs,Leny