07 January 2013

Free Vintage Tags: Lots of Beary Hugs

Here are some tags which I made and which I wanna share with you.
There are so many uses for these tags - the possibilities are endless: birthdays, gifts, as a label for your teddy bears or other projects. It's up to your creative mind :o)
The label is made at 300 dpi high quality and ready to print.

1. Left click on image to enlarge. 2. Right click to save to your PC

Tag size approx. 5 x 8 cm - 2 x 3.2 inch

The sheet below is made at 180 dpi - medium quality.
Safe them with your photo software at 300 dpi or print them at 300 dpi!
Click on Image - right mouse click to View & to safe File
Check if your image is saved at 300 dpi (= resolution or pixels). If not adjust it.
Use 220 gr. ivory cardstock (in my case Papicolor).
Check if your printer does accept this type!
The type of paper makes a huge difference in your print quality!!! I cannot stress this enough.
Nex step: select your printer settings.
After clicking on the print button a little screen will pop up. Instead of clicking on the ok button (like you normally do), now you go to properties.

Below is a screen shot how it looks on my computer.
Yours may look a little different, but it should be pretty similar.:
On your properties screen you choose:
- matte photo paper (even though you print on cardstock the result will be better)
- then you go to quality option or whatever your screen offers and select highest quality.
- and the you hit the OK button

After printing cut them out and if you like you can distress the edges. 
Tie them with a coordinating piece of ribbon, button twine, bakers twist,
whatever you like to use.

I made them slightly different but:
Tip: I used deckle-edge scissors (Reuser) to cut the tags.
Best of luck when you create your own tags!!!


M. ALLISON said...

Hello Théa !!! thanks so much for sharing !!
your tags are so precious !!

Have a great week !!

Bear hugs !!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Thea,

Thank you, you are so generous and sweet to share. I love this tag, and the possibilities are endless.


Авторские мишки Анны Волковой said...

Hello Milly
So beautiful, thank you:)
Happy new year.
Success, happiness and joy
Hugs, Anna ^-^

Ik ben Esther said...

Aaah wat een geweldige tag!!! Ik ga m meteen uitprinten,he-le-maal leuk joh,heel erg bedankt!!!!
Ach en ik las van je vreselijke val met oud jaar,tjonge joh,wat een toestand!!! Ben je alweer een beetje 'geheelt'ervan?Dikke blauwe plekken denk ik of niet?
Nou beterschap hoor!!En niet te hopen dat dit het begin van 2013 is,neeeeh,dat geloven we niet toch???
Ik ben zo benieuwd naar je nieuwe project,is het al bijna af?
Liefs en voorzichtig met jezelf hoor!!

Ingrida said...

Hello Milly
So beautiful

Thank you so much for sharing .

Happy new year !!!

Mireille Begijn said...

Bedankt Thea !!!

Kayzy said...

Lovely tags, Milly - thanks for sharing them with us
Hugs, Kayzy

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Thea!! Thanks so much for sharing these. I did see your facebook post. They are lovely and I can't wait to make some for giving.

hugs to you!

Denise (Densteds) said...

Hi Thea,

Thank you so much for sharing, the tags are delightful and I appreciate the information for getting the best print out.

beary best wishes,

Regina said...

Thank you so so much for sharing this adorable tag. I'm making a friend a tea time poster and this will add so much to it.