26 January 2013

Announcement: NEW PIECE.....coming soon...!!!

It's winter in Holland and boy oh boy it is really cold outside.
It feels like living in a large chest freezer :o)
But it's springtime in my studio.
There is a soft scent of roses, it smells heavenly.
Of course I'm referring to my new piece and I'm happy to say that it is completed!!!
It's a plendid NEW design and she (yep, it's a she) turned out so well.
I think it's one of my best designs and I can't stop looking at her.

I'm sure that you are very curious and like to know what's coming up.
So I give you some sneak-peeks and hints:
 Well....any idea what it will be...? Let me know.

I'm wishing you a very happy weekend and


sharon's shabby creations said...

Hoi Thea,

Ik ben er nou al verliefd op!! Wat een gaaf koppie ik zie het al helemaal voor me!! Ik denk dat het een hondje is... ? Ik heb eigenlijk geen idee maar ik denk wel dat het een dotje is zoals altijd!!! ben erg benieuwd!

Veel liefs Sharon

Kays Kids said...

Hmmm! I need more hints, or photos. Can't wait.