19 July 2012


 I'm very pleased to introduce a new design!
I always love to challenge myself and believe me, 
this miniature teddy bear with a vintage shabby look was quite a challenge!
But I think he turned out so well, he's such a lovely little chap.

Willow is a traditional style teddy and he is hand stitched.
His size: only 7 cm - 2.75 inches, so far my smallest size ever.

The inspiration for this piece came from my childhood.
Who doesn't remember those lazy, hazy days of summer...when you could play endlessly.
 You just loved everything you do, not minding one single bit about time and place.
Sweet childish days, that were as long as twenty days are now...
Just to show you how small Willow is, he holds a 20 euro cent coin.

 The ribbons are now permanently tied.
Important info for the new owner: please never open them again....!!!
You will not be able to tie them up again :o) the long ends have been cut off!!!

Willow has a lovely 3-wheel bike.
+ a pinspinner and a kite, what more do you need for a perfect ride outside...


Wanna see more...? Please visit Willow's personal page on the website:

 Willow is adopted - huge thanks!

 Enjoy your summer and maybe you will also remember those lazy, hazy days of Summer
where we could play endlessly with our kites, 

I remember those days staying with my grandparents when my little niece and I were playing
with the kites that my uncle made for us. 
We lay in the meadows staring at our kites and the blue skies wondering if there were Mars Men.

" There is a garden in every childhood, 
an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer,
and the morning more fragrant then ever again." 
- Elizabeth Lawrence -

10 July 2012

A Summer or Autumn Update

It's time for an update.
Believe it or not, the weather was pretty good last week. So I spend a few days outside to
paint doors and windows. Everything looks so freshed up.
But weather isn't to good this summer, it didn't stay long and now we have:
Blèèèèèhhhhh.....I know I do not like to sprinkle my flower beds a lot, 
but this seems to me like one massive "natural sprinkle shower".
It's so sad for those who are camping right now.
Maybe you should:
 Or perhaps the beach:

 Studio Update:
I've been pretty busy inside....it's raining right!
And besides all this it's CUCUMBER TIME in Holland,
things slow down due to the summer holidays.

The new piece is completed and tiny little eyes full of wonder look into the world in my living room. I'm wondering what the little creature is thinking...hmmm...
Tomorrow I wanna do the photoshoot + the rest of the other stuff that comes along with it.
I made a new prototype of a dog head. First attempt ended up in the trash bin, 
second attempt looks good. It only needs a little adjustment.
And right now I'm working on two new bodies + arms & legs.
One completed, one to go...

And lotsa new ideas in my mind....on my to-do list I listed 5 new designs.
--► as usual always plenty to do around here.
One of those designs is totally new to me, I've never ever made something like that before.
It will be quite a challenge....I hope I manage to make what's already in my mind.

Meanwhile I'm crossing my fingers that the sunshine will return, because:
oh, how I love this photo
Whoops, gotta go now, a friend of mine is coming over for dinner.
 ( shhhhhhh it's a PING meal, prepared it yesterday I'm such a lazy cook)

So all I want to do right now is:

PS: a peeky tiny update:

I received this blog award of Marion Krauskopf. She designs and makes beautiful teddy bears.
CLICK HERE ◄ to visit her blog.
DANKE LIEBE MARION! Ich fuhle mich geehrt.

03 July 2012


...whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh yeah...
It was the last day of June and a perfect day for our annual reunion of the kennel were
our dog Ymke was born. All dogs and their owners were invited.
 Arrival at approx. 11.00 pm
All dogs are over the moon and it's not easy to keep 'em under control..!! 
This is the grand old man HUCK: Ymke's dad at the age of 10.

 After coffee & cake: it's time to act...

All dogs and their owners are going to watch the:
Altough we do not hunt ourselves, it's always fabulous to see these bird pointers at work.

Oh well it's so obvious, not every dog is paying attention of what's happening in front of them...
Fame likes all the attention given by Esra.

Fame again with Wendy (owner).

This is me & my furry lady Ymke...who is definitely not paying attention at all..!!
After the demo's it's time for something else like:


 And we LOVE to play with water ( uhhh oh....not every dog )
As usual time flies and it's time to say goodbye.
Huge thanks to Judith, Gerard & Mia for this wonderful doggy day.

If you want to see more of these small Münsterlander pointers, please visit the website at:
Be aware ► pics intense (there are puppies)!

Also many thanks to Gerben de Boer who made these fantastic pictures!

And at last but not least:
  I gotta show you Me & Milly Me of Loenerhof at the age of 3. 

See ya again in 2013!