30 October 2012

It's SHOW-time...!!!

When leaves start to fall and the temperatures drop to unpleasant levels and when you start to feel depressed, there's always a look on the bright sight of live:
October is a month to visit great teddy bear & doll shows, fairs, exhibitions, 
whatever you may call them.
I'm always looking forward for this month.

First of all: October 13 - Euro Teddy in Essen - Germany.
My mum lives pretty close to the border of Germany, so usually I stay over for one nigth to get up early the next day and drive to Essen. 
My mum (who's turning 82! in December) is also a huge teddy fan and she was going with me.
We arrived early, but apparantly there are were much more early birds wainting to get in.

Above a lovely steampunk badger and below beautiful steampunk bear by

Last weekend, on the 27th of October both my mum and I went to the International Doll & Teddy Bear Fair in Den Bosch - Netherlands. It is well known as the worlds largest show.
It's a great event we both look forward too (for almost a whole year he he he).
Here are a few picturers:
 One of the Cupcakebears by Jaqueline Hoogers. She's a newbie on the teddy bear scene.

 Lovely vintage toys. I set my eyes on a little pram for a while and I was hoping to find one.
Which I did.....
......buuuuttttt I didn't buy one as the prices were too high i.m.h.o.!!!

 If you want to know how to distress your vintage bear with worn and much hugged spots, 
then please take a look a the ones above.

 Very beautiful bears by Susanne Täuber - Die aus dem Koffer
She was exhibiting for the very frist time in the Netherlands.

 Now what can I say about the stand of Marijke van Ooijen...?
Me and many other's were just gazing and drooling over her beautiful work.

 If you want to see more of her fabulous work then visit her lovely blog:
I'm sure you will love it.

 And last but not least, on Sunday, while driving over the A50 highway on my way home, 
I decided to make a stop.
Because I knew that there was an international 
Dolls Houses and Miniature Show in Apeldoorn - Netherlands.
It was fabulous as well. I'm always amazed at what artists can make on a 1:12 of 1:44 scale.
 I do not know which artists made Pinocchio & Humpty Dumpty, but they both did a great job.
Goodness me, he looks so realistic, it's hard to believe he's only a few inches tall.

And now were back home, still enjoying these fabulous days, were I meet and great a lot of fellow teddy bear artists. 
I came home with some lovely supplies from the past which I want to use for my creations.
It always feels like finding great treasures.

Now I'm working in my studio...my newest piece is completed and I did the photoshoot.
I hope it will appear on my website very soon.
I'm feelin'a bit snotty (a half of Holland is sneezing & snotting)!!!
and my to-do-list for this week is fully booked.
Hopefully the snotty-part won't evolve into a real flu and my to-do schedule has some hole's to work on my website. Fingers crossed....

Here is a sneek peak for you to warm up:
I wish you all a very nice week!

07 October 2012

And the winner is + gratis vrijkaarten Den Bosch!

 It was D(ecision)-day today......!!!
With Random.org I picked out two lucky numbers on my bingo card!
..........and ..........tatateraaaaaaaaaa.........
 Here are the final results:

Number 2:  Joyce from The Bear's Blog
Number 12: Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm

I would also give huge thanks to all that joined my give away!
Don't be dissapointed if you did not win this time...maybe you do next time!

Sorry to all readers, I'm gonna switch into my native language: DUTCH! as the following message is meant for Dutch readers on my blog.

Nog een 3-tal weekjes slapen en dan is het zover: de grootste poppen- en berenbeurs staat weer voor de deur. Ditmaal niet meer in Ahoy Rotterdam, maar in de Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch.
Persoonlijk heb ik een vreugdedansje gemaakt met deze switch: 
het aantal kilometers wat ik nu moet rijden is drastisch minder!!!
Van wat ik in de "wandelgangen" heb opgevangen,
belooft het een heel groot spektakel te worden.
De beurs is met ruim 250 standhouders volledig volgeboekt!
En voor het eerst zullen er workshops worden gegeven.

Voor wie wil gaan heb ik goed nieuws, ik heb nog:
 LET OP: Deze vrijkaarten worden alleen binnen Nederland verstuurd!!!
Je kunt een email sturen naar: info(at)milly-me(dot).nl
Reden dat ik mijn mail adres zo schrijf, is om spam te voorkomen!!!
Ik heb geen zin in troep in mijn mailbox.
Dus de at moet je vervangen door een @ and de dot natuurlijk door het bekende puntje!
Mail me a.u.b. je naam & adres! Ik stuur het toegangskaartje dan z.s.m. naar je toe.
 Maar een reactie op deze blogpost achterlaten kan ook.

Meer informatie over de beurs vind je >> HIER <<
Mijn bijna 82-jarige moesje zal me vergezellen die dag. Ik heb er reuze zin in....jullie ook!
De "geld-druk-machien" heb ik al voorbereid....die gaat binnenkort overuren maken..ha ha.

Wie weet tot ziens in de stad van ons Zoete Lieve Gerritje!
In Brabant is het altijd heerlijk toeven.


04 October 2012

New work in progresssss.....

.....pooh, pooh...at last...I thought it would never come to an end.....
The past two weeks I've been caught by a nasty virus.
There is a turbo-cough-virus that " travels"  very fast in Holland.
I hate virus infections and these bloody little creapy things didn't pass by my throat.
And all I did was:

I lost my voice for a few days.....and it still is a cracklin' voice (he he he), 
buuuuuuuuut I'm getting better, because I ate lotsa:
....mmm....yummmm....sometimes it's good to have a good reason to (legally) eat this stuff!!!
And I took a bottle of this stuff too:
Ohhhhhh my this stuff really rocks!!! I'm on a kick-off program right now...

And finally I'm also able to work on my new piece too.
I'm working with precious vintages materials, fine french cotton laces and sheer silk.

 Here is a tiny sneak peek:
So far I'm pretty satisfied but it will take approx. a week & half before it will be completed.