14 September 2012

There's a new KID in TOWN + a GIVE AWAY

And I'm in WONDERLAND myself too!
I'm so pleased to introduce to you my very first cloth doll.
I kinda 'hear' ya thinking: are you "Are you going back to the roots" Thea?
As many of you may know that Milly Me started in 2007 
with custom made doll clothes & doll bodies. So there is a huge link!
Answer to this question:
"Well, no not really, but since I was child I loved dolls and I probably will never stop doing so".

Creating a cloth doll was on top of my wish-list for a very long time.
And the circus theme is one of my favorites too.
And this summer - when business things slow down - was the perfect time to design
and make my very first doll.
I was a bit anxious: was I able to make what was already an idea in my head?
Plus the fact that my hubby had severe doubts about my new project too,
did not make it easier :o) !
But love to challenge myself over and over again and I just love the way she turned out!
I really love the colors on this piece: the soft aged peachy pinks & creams.
And on top of this: on a flea market I found the most PERFECT box
to complete and display this ensemble.
And to express my feelings about this piece of course!
I hope you like her as much as I do. 


I also invite you to:
I made two tag sets with Herald the Hare from Alice in Wonderland
and I will give them away here on my Blog. 
....since yesterday the ticker is at 200!!! YEAH!!!
A very warm welcome to: Marina from the Teddy School Blog, you are number 200!!!
You will receive a tag set......it's coming to ya..... 

The tags are perfect for gift tags, birthdays, showers, scrapbooking accents like above etc.  
In other words: so many uses for these tags - the possibilities are endless!
You will receive 10 tags + a surprise tag.
They are all handmade of cream cardstock.
The distressed technique gives each tag a classic vintage look.
Due to the nature of the distressing technique, each tag may be slightly different but unique and authentically handmade, all the same!

1. Anyone can join you don't have to be a FOLLOWER (but it would be nice to do so :o)
Please look at the number of the previous comment, so that we go from 1...2...3...etc.
No number = no valid entry! I need a number to pick the winners.
3. Leave your NAME & primary email address typed like this:
just to provide spammers to get access to your real email address!!! 
If you happen to win you can be contacted & notified. 
If you are entering anonymously, please leave an email address too or some way for me to get in touch with you, in your comment, so that I can contact you if you win, 
but give yourself a number!
4. SHARE the picture below and post it on your blog's sidebar WITH MY LINK
It is not required, but it is very much appreciated if you do so!
 - simply copy & paste, no further adjustments needed -
5. You can join the GIVE AWAY till SUNDAY OCTOBER 6TH 2012
I will choose the lucky winners on October 7.
The winners will be selected via Random.org.
They will be notified by E-mail and I will make a blog post as well.
I wish you all the best of luck!!! 

So please go ahead and:
Oh and:
I wish you all a very:
- this▲ little cutie bug is a part of my private collection too Ü - 

03 September 2012

Slowly to warm up...believe me it ain't easy!

Well it's a fact, it is:
I managed to find my way to the pc-room and my studio
Boy oh boy, the summer passed by much too quick i.m.h.o.
(i.m.h.o. = in my humble opinion)
I really enjoyed the last weeks of August.

Well not the whole week, until Wednesday everything was ok.
On Thursday I was stung by a wasp in my neck. 
Since I am allergic to wasp stings I was very lucky to be at a craft show with an emergency post. 
One of the ladies sucked it, sterilized it, and applied a cold compress. 
Goodness me, it was a very nasty stung which caused me a lot of pain during the day and the night to follow. I didn't sleep at all.
Lotsa Hydrocortisone cream & pain killers were needed and now I'm fine...pffff...at last.
I hate these insects from the bottom of my heart. I think this one sneaked into the hall while they set-up all the booths. And it appeared he attacked others too.
At last he got caught by one of the exhibitors who managed to kill him, BLOODY WASP!!!
And now it's SEPTEMBER and I'm back into my studio working on a new teddy bear design
which I made a couple of weeks ago.
These are the colors I work with: soft peach pinks & creams. 
They were on my whish-list for quite a while.
I always pick a lot of fabrics & supplies
and use what will be the most perfect match for the new piece.
I want to create a very ROMANTIC vignette.
The bear has been cut and...
...several parts have been stitced too. 
Legs & arms are completed, and so is the body.The head is stitched and must be filled.
I'm very curious about the final result, which will be a surprise for me too.
It will take a couple of weeks, before the whole piece/set will be completed.
I want to make pictures of my DIY (= Do It Yourself) Projects of which I told you in my previous post.
But I will take it easy in the first week to come. I always feel a little sad as summer nears it's end.
I'm not an Autum lover as long as I live.
I really need some time to adjust the change of season....patience dust needed!
But lucky me, the inside teddy bear and craft show season will also start!!!
YEAH!!! The sun always shines that's a fact too.