21 August 2012


No no...no season's greetings yet, but just greetings from me and my best plush friend Ymke.

Ymke put us trough a real nightmare a couple of weeks ago.
 It happened on Sunday August 5th 2012.
I was playing with her and she was laying on her back. I looked at her mouth and at first I thought
she lost one of the front theeth of her upper jaw.
After a better look I noticed that there was a kind of little lump growing
between her front theeth and palate.
Ymke herself seemed to be fine.
A day after my discovery we went to the vet's clinic for a check-up.
Boy oh boy, our lives turned into a nightmare, because the vet who checked Ymke told us it was probably a cancerous tumor. He was afraid that it was growing out of her palate, in that case she only had a few months to live. If it was growing of her gum, she (and we) might be lucky.
After 48 hrs. we brought her to the clinic for the surgery.
Dramatic as always as Ymke remembered the last surgery from May.
So she's no longer a "vet's fan", despite the fact that our vet rocks.

I was so upset and afraid that she might have cancer and if so, than what...? She's just turned 7!
After 5 mins. the assistant came with the good news, it wasn't coming from her palate but from her gums. Phew, first relieve. But we had to wait 5 days before the test results came back.
These 5 days were killing me.
As we were told that almost 80% of these sort of tumors were bad ones.
Tuesday morning August 14th we got the phone call with:
Ymke was fine and what appeared to be a cancerous tumor,
now appeared to be a parasitic infection that was incapsulated.
I was so so so happy and I gave my little girl lotsa big hugs and the biggest cuddles she ever got in her entire life. What a relief. She really rocks!!!
We may keep her and I do cross my fingers that I may have her for a very long time.

In honor to celebrate the good news we treated her and ourselves at a lovely sightseeing trip.
The place we visit is very popular and if you ever come to Holland you have to visit

And here is my girl, posing with a pair of the biggest Dutch wooden shoes ever!

Marken is a former island, once a famous fisher community.
And it's also very famous for its traditional costumes. 
Below I show you some pictures of Marken.

Little children - approx. 1900 - Do you spot the famous wooden shoes...?
Not only the costumes are colorful, but also the interior  - approx. 1900 -
A view at Marken - approx. 1900 -
Children and their costumes - approx. 1900 -
Current children costumes....
Well I hope you appreciated this tourist information about Holland, the country where I live.
And altough I love to travel and like to get to know other cultures, 
I'm very proud to be DUTCH too

Studio Update:
I've been working on several projects, mainly to decorate my own interior.
I've discovered, explored & experienced a lot of new techniques.
I'll show you these projects in my following blog posts...

One itsy bitsy teeny weeny project was the brooch below.
 I made this Hello Kitty brooch for my little niece Fleur.
Like the Dutch text says: Just because....made by Auntie Thea

I loved every one of my projects, but one in particular, surpassed all the others!
It's something that I've never ever done before and I'm so very happy at how it turned out.
I still can't believe that I did it myself.
I did surprise not only myself but also my husband (who had his serious doubts about it!!!)
I didn't show it to others yet.

I give you two little hints:
1.  its a kind of "GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS"..... and
2. the picture below ▼
The picture above is one of the clowns that I made when I was a little girl.
I found it last night while I was going through one of my childhood srapbooks.
I made this one when I was in kindergarten, it was made in 1970 when I was 5 yrs of age.
It is punched out with such great care, I think my fingers were hugely trained by then as there are lots of these punched projects in my scrapbook.
I now realize that the teachers kept us busy for a long time... ha ha ha.
Are you getting curious about my new projects...?

Well, I'll keep you updated, but the blog posts will come slowly (must take the pictures first)  
plus I will be away for a few days too.
And....these are the last days of the summer holidays.
And now that the terrible heat has left the country (36ºC!), it's time to celebrate and enjoy these lazy hazy days of Summer before I gotta get back into my studio at the first week of September to start working on a new collection of bears & other furry friends.
New designs are already waiting.....yippie!!!


Ik ben Esther said...

Wat was het heet he?Je doet net niks met zulk warm weer...Even een vraagje,hoe maak je nou die mooie foto's zo mooi oud??
Leuk zeg Marken,ik woon er nu wat dichter bij dus ga zeker zelf nog es een kijkje nemen!
Geniet van de laatste zomerdagen!
Groetjes Esther

Kays Kids said...

Hi Thea,
I'm so pleased your darling dog is OK. It is always terrible waiting for results. Love the photos of Holland.
Big Hugs.

Kayzy said...

Hi Thea,
What a relief that your doggy is OK - so glad - give him a kiss on the nose for me. I too loved your pictures of Holland. I will never get to see it in person, so I really enjoyed seeing your lovely country this way.
Hugs, Kayzy