03 July 2012


...whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh yeah...
It was the last day of June and a perfect day for our annual reunion of the kennel were
our dog Ymke was born. All dogs and their owners were invited.
 Arrival at approx. 11.00 pm
All dogs are over the moon and it's not easy to keep 'em under control..!! 
This is the grand old man HUCK: Ymke's dad at the age of 10.

 After coffee & cake: it's time to act...

All dogs and their owners are going to watch the:
Altough we do not hunt ourselves, it's always fabulous to see these bird pointers at work.

Oh well it's so obvious, not every dog is paying attention of what's happening in front of them...
Fame likes all the attention given by Esra.

Fame again with Wendy (owner).

This is me & my furry lady Ymke...who is definitely not paying attention at all..!!
After the demo's it's time for something else like:


 And we LOVE to play with water ( uhhh oh....not every dog )
As usual time flies and it's time to say goodbye.
Huge thanks to Judith, Gerard & Mia for this wonderful doggy day.

If you want to see more of these small Münsterlander pointers, please visit the website at:
Be aware ► pics intense (there are puppies)!

Also many thanks to Gerben de Boer who made these fantastic pictures!

And at last but not least:
  I gotta show you Me & Milly Me of Loenerhof at the age of 3. 

See ya again in 2013!


Kays Kids said...

Love the photos. especially the sepia one. Looks as though you had a wonderful day.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Thea,

Oh, what wonderful pictures. Your Ymke is such a beautiful lady.

It looks like everyone had a ton of fun. Milly Me of Loenerhof is just precious - but then again, they ALL are.

Hugs ♥

Majon-Bär said...

Hello Thea, thanks for sharing this wonderful pics.
What a beautiful dog you have...........


Kayzy said...

Seeing those beautiful dogs brought back sweet memories of dogs I have known and loved - thank you!

Wateringen said...

Goedemorgen lief vriendinnetje,

Wat geniet ik van deze heerlijk hondenpost!
Zie al die beestjes eens in de weer zijn, en hun baasjes geniet warempel nog meer hahaha...

Meis wat een toffe foto van jou met Ymke...twe mooie meisjes...

Ik wil je nog bedanken voor je lieve woorden op mijn
blog..ik ben altijd zo content als ik van je mag horen

Dag Thea ik wens je een mooie dag!


Majon-Bär said...

Hi Thea, love you beautiful blog and I want to tell, I gave you an award Liebster Blog. Plesae have a look at my blog.
Hugs, Marion