29 June 2012

Sum-sum-summertime...pics intense...!!!

Hi to all of you,

Weeks passing by and as usual I've been pretty busy.
So this is a blogpost is about all kinds of stuffiezz which I want to share with you.
Let's start...

 I received a lovely certificate on behalf of the Pretty Toys Magazine:

This magazine celebrate's its first year anniversary on the 25th of June 2012.
They published several articles of my work in a couple of their issues.
Here's a summary:

Summer had its official kick-off on June 21.
A few days ago the weather shows something totally different in Holland:
→ it looks more like autumn. So let's just say it's perfect weather to work on a new design.
You should always look at the bright side...by the absence of sunshine... ☺ 
But weather seems to be changing after: a litte more sunshine in the next days..at last!!!
Meanwhile the flowers do not bother about the weather, they started to bloom it it's full glory. 
The colors are so beautiful, I just love my roses and hydrangea's at the moment.
Their shades of soft pastel pinks, soft greens and brighter pinks.
All so precious and wonderful, I wish it could last forever...
 ...sweet & tender Bonica Roses...

above and below my Leonarda da Vinci Roses

And these are magnificant Astrid Lindgren roses.

And they bring me to my new work in progress.
At the moment I'm very busy working on a new design ► I made new pattern.
I'm always anxious about the first result, but I'm very happy the way it turned out. 

Astrid Lindgren...what's in a name, who does'nt know her. She was very famous for her children's books: Pippi, Emil, Karlsson, Madicken, the brother Lionheart, etc.
I adore these books and the films, most of all Pippi's stories.
They remind me of my own childhood summerdays.
Especially those lazy, hazy summer days...where you could play endlessly...
The little dolls in the pictures below are mine. I think they are from the late sixties.
I've always loved all things small, it never changed the rest of my life.
I still love to look at them and pick them up. They are sitting on a shelf next to my workbench,
so I see them every day. No matter how old I am, I still love 'em very much.


Right now I'm working on the accessories. There are few in this piece.
Several attempts of accessories ended up in the trash bin, but I never give up,
I hear ya thinking: " What are you making Thea...? "
 Here are 2 hints + sneek peaks
In fact everything above: pictures & text are hints for my next piece.
They were all a source of inspiration.
This embroidered ribbon border is also a part of my new vignette. 
ABRACADABRA HOOKY POOKY: whoever can read the text is a very very clever person.
If you can read it, well you definitely deserve:

 It will take few days before I will finish this vignette, other things on my to-do-list come first ►
I'll be outside enjoying the sun, meanwhile painting doors & windows (should I or cry)

So I wanna wish you:


The Bear's Blog said...


Can't wait to see what you are creating.

Happy weekend.


Sandi said...

Sounds wonderful Thea ... I will look forward to seeing the finished creation. Love your roses! Hope you have an uneventful and peaceful weekend painting.

Kays Kids said...

Hummmm!!! I can't read your embroidered ribbon. IS that sassy cut into shapes. Nope, can't guess!
I am looking forward to seeing it.