16 June 2012


I'm very proud to present you my newest creation.


Are you ready? Well, here we go...
" It has been almost a year since I made TOBIAS a bigger sized clown bear, 
I thought it was a nice idea to make a smaller design in one of my favorite themes:
the clown style...in wonderful soft egg shell blues & old cherry reds.
I just LOVE this little one and I hope you like him too.
This piece has - like my other creations - TONS of detail. "
Happy viewing, Thea xoxo

My sofa is covered with egg shell blue fabric which is hand tintend & distressed.
The bunch of satin roses is handmade, and so is the tag that reads: 
" Open your Heart "
 The tag refers to the key of HEART which I wear. There is more to read on the website.
(Please scroll down all the way to the bottem to find the website link.)
So I sit back & relax on my beautifully handcrafted sofa!!!
Only the highest quality materials are used by a skilled craftswoman who embrace
traditional methods to carefully create a sofa made to my wishes

" And what to think about my blue balloon? "

 Like myself: it's also 100% handmade!

 Mummy can't stop looking at me, daddy too. Bearcause they love & like me so much.
I'm moving out next week you see.


 So they give me sweet hugs and lotsa kisses.
And big cuddles too. I just it.

"And this is not the end of the show...oh no, so it continues, the only thing you need to do is 
to switch to another channel: the Milly Me Website on which I have my own page.
>> CLICK HERE << to continue my whimsical circus show.
You can view at much more different bigger sized pictures and details.
So please pop over to the website, it's nice to see ya there!!! "

Kindest regards and a Happy Weekend,
On behalf of Pinôt Bleu - the little clown bear.



Kays Kids said...

Thea, he is the most adorable little clown I have seen. His little ruffles and hat, plus his beautiful balloon, all with wonderful sentiment on.
I love you too Pinot Bleu.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Thea,

What a precious little clown Tobias is, he looks so happy with his "Love You" balloon.

Happy Weekend.

Hugs ♥

sharon's shabby creations said...


The bear is wonderfull......


Marijke van Ooijen said...

Lieve...lieve Thea,

Meis eerst even over je uitstraling van je blog..
Wat ziet alles er toch prachtig uit!!
Je header is gewoonweg beeldschoon, en de rest ook.
Ik ben er weg van...zo stijlvol.

Ja en nu over je nieuwste beestje...wat een beeldschoon wezentje heb je toch weer gemaakt..PRACHTIG..zo lief dat ballonnetje...

Lieverd ik wens je liefs,

heibeni-bären said...

Hi Thea,
many thanks for your nice compliment :)
Your clown bear is sooo, sooo cute...please more from these sweeties :)
many kind regards

Sandi said...

Adorable Thea! Pop over to my blog there is something waiting for you.

Leny said...

He is sooo sweet Thea!!


Astridbears said...

Hi Thea,
oh oh oh!! What a Sweety!!! Hope it´s correct in dutch: Een schatje!!
And the photos are wonderful!! I love the theme circus
fijn weekend