04 May 2012

Random Stuffiezzzz......(part 2)

As you may have noticed I revamped my blog a little bit.
Every now and then it's time for change. The reason was a new profile picture of myself.
The last photoshoot was from 2009 so it was time for an update.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate photos of myself..but these pictures of me and my little bunny and teddy bear are so sweet...
Thank you my sweet husband for taking these!!! I you.
Both pictures are used here + the cover and profile photo on Facebook.
I think these ones can stand the test of time for a little while

The weather has been great in the past few days.
With upcoming bad weather there was an extra reason to enjoy it.
Spring Deligths: Ymke in a colorful meadow with dandelions.
She spotted BIRDS: by far the most favorite to hunt ♥

And there a lot more:

Our Prunus Cherry Blossom trees.

Delicate flower buds of our apple tree. This year is bursting of flowers.
I can see the apples coming for my apple pie & apple marmelade....mmmm
Need much patience dust till August-September.

Studio UPDATE:
Recently I had a request for a commission of one of my dearest friends.
Ususally I do no take commissions, but she is getting married on the 1st of June and she wants to give her parenys a special gift. So for once there is an execption to the rule.
It was a request for a doggie and I was nervous about it I must admit,
as I have never made a doggie before.
Here is the first update........this is my little puppy in progress.....
The poor little thing has no name yet.
That's for my friend to decide....

Happy weekend and:


Kays Kids said...

Tell your husband he needs to be a photographer. I love the profile pictures so much.
Plus beautiful spring pictures.
I can see the dog is coming on.
Hugs Kay

Sandi said...

Love the makeover of your blog Thea (especially bunny peeking round the lace) and all the photos are great, but I think the first one is a perfect portrait you. Puppy will be wonderful when he's finished and I am sure your friend will love him.

The Bear's Blog said...

Love your new "look", it is such a nice place to drop in for a visit.

Happy weekend.

Hugs ♥

rosarod said...

Hoi Milly, uw taak is boven mijn verwachtingen! is prachtig! Ik bezocht twee keer estse blog en gelukkig maakt me dromen, maak prachtige dieren, ik schat! Ik feliciteer u, krijgt een warme knuffel van het Caribisch gebied, PuertoRico, een tropisch eiland! Rose Marie

Катя Макогон said...

what wonderful pictures!!! I admire!!!

SimaBears said...

Liebe Thea,

was für wunderbare Fotos von Dir und Deinen süßen Kreationen!!! Du brauchst Dich nun wirklich nicht zu verstecken... Einfach nur zauberhaft! Auch das Hundeprofil ist super für mich zum nacharbeiten...(: (: Das Hündchen sieht so süß aus!!!

Liebe Grüße Simone

Mäsywi-Bären said...

wow wonderful pictures, i love it

Wateringen said...

Lieve Thea met je mooie beertjes...

Wat is alles toch prachtig als ik hier op visite kom.
Jouw foto's met die kleine liefjes zijn Super!
Kind wat ben je toch mooi!
Je haar is waanzinnig mooi van kleur en zo mooi opgestoken.

Ja en dan je prachtige vernieuwde blog...tja..het is helemaal af,
zoals alles wat uit jouw handen komt..
Of heb je misschien ergens een toverstafje?
Zoja...mag ik die dan ook eens lenen hahahhaaha?

Dag schatteke...

Astridbears said...

Liebe Thea wunderschön deine Fotos, sie sind mit Liebe gemacht, toll! Und der Blog ist wunderschön geworden!! SUPERMOOI
lieve groetjes

zarina-bears said...

Очень-очень красиво! Тея , Вы очень красивая молодая женщина:) Фотографии прекрасны. Мне очень нравится Ваша сказка! Творческого вдохновения!!!