19 May 2012


... featuring a hand made Prim Heart  and Vintage Wooden Box...
Junio is adopted
He is a custom order order. "Do you take custom orders Thea...?"
No, but it was a very special request. A friend of mine is getting married on the June the 1st
and she wants to give her parents a very special gift. 

It was a request for a doggie. A challenge for me as I never made a doggy before.
So off I went into my studio to make one.

Junio is full of wedding symbols:
He wears a simple piece of ice-blue vintage ribbon bow with rusty bell around his neck and I made him a vintage charm of an old Dutch penny with the letter " J" for Junio.
"Get a penny, pick it up, and all the marriage you'll have good luck"
Junio is Spanish for June, the country that the bride and groom love to visit.

This is the backside of the penny. It's from 1948.
This was the last year that our former Queen Wilhelmina reigned.
The numer 1 refers to the wedding date: the 1st one of June.
Mea culpa: I couldn't find a penny of 2012 :o( That would have been more appropriate!
But this penny by far has matching colors :o)

I made a little as a symbol of LOVE with tiny handmade rose buds in matching colors.
Of course the text refers to the wedding day, a lifetime highlight.
No further explanation needed.
I can't stop looking at him and hold him in my hands as he will soon leave my home.
He is sooooooo sweet ♥

 May this day you share,
be filled with love and laughter.
May all the days ahead,
be happy ever after!
Best wishes on Your Wedding Day  

For those who cannot get enough of him either, he has his own webpage with
much more full sized photos. Click >> HERE <<
And yes.........I will definitely make more doggies.
As a dog lover and proud owner of the best dog on earth☺, I feel I am obliged to make more!!!

18 May 2012


Today I've been very busy editing the photos and make a website page for my new piece.
And.......I'm almost done. Phew it's always a lot of work.
(I know I know, it's my own decision, but I love it sooooo much)
Here is a little tiny sneak peek with a few pieces of the new set.
 More to come.
Awww he turned out so so adorable....I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed!!!
See ya tomorrow.

11 May 2012

A Bear Treasure & A Studio Update

A while ago I've been visiting a mega indoor flea market in our region called:
"de Twentse Vlooienmarkt"
It's very famous and attracts thousands of visitors. Strolling along 900 stands is a piece of cake!
I didn't buy very much that day, 
but while drooling over the market I found a very special treasure: 

It's the most beautiful and adorable silver teddy bear baby rattle I've ever seen.
In fact, I never saw one before.
Love at once, made a good deal and in no time I was the proud new owner.
I often wonder: where does this rattle come from, who give it away and especially why?
To me it is obvious: this must have been a precious gift for a newborn little baby.

 I displayed it on a shelf with other teddy bear treasures. 
I just love it and will keep forever.

Studio Update:
The Milly Me puppy is coming.....
I can hear ya thinking: "Is this the only studio progress of last week...?"
LOL...no it's not.
The puppy is almost completed and he's sitting in my studio, looking into the world.
It's always a kind of miracle how a piece of fur can come alive!
He also got a name, which will be unveiled when he appears on the website.
Right now I'm working on his accessoiries, which are also nearly ready.
Today I want to do the last bits and pieces.One accessory piece landed in the trash bin!!!
I came up with a new idea, but the idea was easier and its design a lot harder.
I hope that it will turn out the way I want it to be.
I promise I will do my best....!

Remember the Spring Delights from my previous post....well they are now radically changed into:
Boy oh boy it's raining for days, the temperature is fine though and it's very humid.
In fact I love this kind of weather, but prefer lesser rain than this.
This is the view when I look outside the window while typing this text.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Well I look at it at the bright sight, the sun will definitely come back.
The rain is good for my the plants which I just planted in my garden.
the weather is nice to sit inside working on my little puppy without feeling guilty,
because I want to be outside sitting in that lovely sunshine,
while knowing I really need to work on the new piece.
Phew...what a relief.... (but I still prefer the sunshine)

04 May 2012

Random Stuffiezzzz......(part 2)

As you may have noticed I revamped my blog a little bit.
Every now and then it's time for change. The reason was a new profile picture of myself.
The last photoshoot was from 2009 so it was time for an update.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate photos of myself..but these pictures of me and my little bunny and teddy bear are so sweet...
Thank you my sweet husband for taking these!!! I you.
Both pictures are used here + the cover and profile photo on Facebook.
I think these ones can stand the test of time for a little while

The weather has been great in the past few days.
With upcoming bad weather there was an extra reason to enjoy it.
Spring Deligths: Ymke in a colorful meadow with dandelions.
She spotted BIRDS: by far the most favorite to hunt ♥

And there a lot more:

Our Prunus Cherry Blossom trees.

Delicate flower buds of our apple tree. This year is bursting of flowers.
I can see the apples coming for my apple pie & apple marmelade....mmmm
Need much patience dust till August-September.

Studio UPDATE:
Recently I had a request for a commission of one of my dearest friends.
Ususally I do no take commissions, but she is getting married on the 1st of June and she wants to give her parenys a special gift. So for once there is an execption to the rule.
It was a request for a doggie and I was nervous about it I must admit,
as I have never made a doggie before.
Here is the first update........this is my little puppy in progress.....
The poor little thing has no name yet.
That's for my friend to decide....

Happy weekend and: