28 April 2012

And here he is...

... with Sailor Boat featuring hand made Prim Flags...
 Tiny Tom is still floating around in his little boat as he loves to relax.
" Wake up....it's time to present yourself to the rest of the world "

Tiny Tom is my first old & shabby primitive style teddy bear design.
As I said in my previous post: I have not made a bear for a very long time, so I'm very pleased to show you this wonderful tiny sailor bear.
I just adore this little one with old faded greyish-blue & cream colors!!!
He looks and feels like an antique toy bear and I ♥ him, and I hope you ♥ this prim piece too.

Tiny Tom is of course tiny: 14 cm - 5.5 inches and he is small enough to fit in my hand.
This makes him sooo charming and adorable.



He will sail home with his wooden boat which I hand painted and aged to look old.

I made a primitive American flag as finishing touch.
...it flutters happily on the back...

Much more photo's and his full details can be found at the website.
Click >> HERE << 

But please note: TINY TOM FOUND A NEW HOME
Monday oops no Queensday in Holland Thea, 
Tuesday next he crosses the Big Pond to start a new life in the USA!

27 April 2012

New Teddy Bear Tomorrow...

Tomorrow I will be posting a new teddy bear.
I've not made a teddy bear in a very long time, so it's about time.
I finished him last week and now he is ready to sail into a new home.
He's a bit whimsical, a bit sweet, a bit charmning and a bit adorable....but above all
I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed in this new piece!

And there is more, so see ya tomorrow.....

20 April 2012

It's Springtime and look who arrived at my doorstep....

Do you remember a blogpost on Marijke's blog 
" Waar romantiek en nostalgie elkaar ontmoeten "
a while ago.
The question was: " What will be the name of my granddaughter? "
My guess: Anne-Sophie, because, for some reason, it's always been one of my favorite names.

She made a lovely giveaway to win: a very very sweet
little Dizzle "
I was flabbergasted that I won this giveaway, because my guess for the name was
slightly different than the the real baby girls name:
 ♥ Sophie-Ann ♥
And so little Dizzle flew into my life.
Mr. Postman delivered a very sweet pink package a few days ago...
And Dizzle wanted to get out a.s.a.p.

 Dizzle flew straight to a bunch of flowers.

 Marijke: Thank you very much for your sweet little Dizzle.

Life is sometimes full of and treasures and you are one of them!!!
...I created this silver bracelet for your little granddaughter, just because...
Dizzle loves his new home, because since a few days it's smells like heaven in my studio.
I was at the garden center (INTRATUIN) a few days ago were they sell lotsa room fragrances.
I was drooling over all those different aroma's, when all of a sudden I smelled this fragrance:  
White Tea & Ginger of the Riverdale Home Fragrance Collection.

What a lovely fragrance!!!
It reminds me a lot of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue wich I love and adore so much.
So now my studio is filled with a heavenly scent....mmm....
Creating bears is even more fun than it already was.

17 April 2012

International Teddy Bear Fair - Münster 2012

The Teddy Bär Total fair is now back in Münster (Germany) and there were over 250 exhibitors from 17 nations who offered their teddy bears and lots of other related supplies.

Below a few pictures to show you, but first of all:
All credits go to the teddy bear artist who created these fabulous teddy bears!
Many thanks to all of you who gave me permission to take the pictures.
(Click on the names below the pictures to visit the artist's website)

In random order:
 Bears by Natasha Koinova - RuArt


Little cute teddies by Valeria Kucherevska

A stunning crocheted bunny-bear or bear-bunny by B. Oxy

Needle felted & sculpted bunny by Tatiana Barakova


Beautiful as always... Anna Hoo

Stunning dog by Defeu Bear 

I am very pleased to that the fair is back in Münster. I had a great day.
 Returned home with lotsa suppliezzzzzzz and I can't wait to use 'em!!!

The next Teddy Bär Total Show is on April 27th & 28th 2013.
Already bookmarked in my agenda!!!

10 April 2012

New Piece Available ( be aware: pic's intense...!!!)

 For those who don't or do wanna know about this previous blog post: Click HERE 

 Sure I can give you a helping hand...c'mon then....here we go...
...see...step by step...you can do it...

Two little feet, one little bunny
will soon go their own way,
But footprints in my mind recall,
they stood here yesterday.

More full-sized pictures and all other details are on my website: ► Click HERE ◄ 

Peach Blossem has now found a new home! Thanks so much! 

I so enjoyed creating this adorable little bunny with her embroidered wagon and goose toy.
I hope you  her too.
Also available:  a set of 5 Vintage Handmade Love You Gift Tags.

Perfect to use for your teddy bears, birthdays or any other special moment...the list is endless!
Each tag is individually hand cut, stamped and given the vintage treatment 
for a beautiful aged look and feel.
They are made of cream cardstock and each tag has scalloped soft pink edges. 
Each tag approximately is: 5½ x 5½ cm - 2.3 x 2.3 inch.
Ribbon (raffia) length: ± 22 cm - 8.6 inch total lenght.
This set is sent out to you very well packed in a padded envelope 
so that it arrives in a perfect conditon.

Please note: slight variations between these tags will occur as they are handmade.


Oh almost forgot to tell ya, she was also a perfect model for my new index page on the website:
...sooooooooo much better....