15 March 2012

Random Stuffiezzzz......(part 1)

This blogpost contains random stuff.

Milly Me was launched in 2007 and in the beginning I used to design and create
clothes for reborn and lifelike baby dolls.
As a reminder of that period in my life, I decided to create a photo book with all the
reborn baby outfits that I made in the past.
Easier said than done...it was quite a lot of work to upload all the images.
It took me many many hours, but I'm very happy with the final result.
 This was once my website's index picture, now on the front cover of my book.
I created this book with PHOTOBOX.COM
It's Europe's nr. 1 in on-line photo software and available for 16 European countries.

Why Photobox..? 
  1. everything you do, you do on-line, no need to install photo software on you pc
  2. very user friendly and easy to use photo software
  3. from time to time great offers - discounts like " BUY 1 - GET 1 FREE "
  4. good quality
  5. your creations are saved on your account on the Photobox server
  6. fast delivery (receive your order within a few days)
  7. available in different backgrounds and themes
....it's all up to you....
In my case it was the A4 personalized photobook.
I choose for premium quality paper, a matt laminated cover and deluxe gift sleeve to stand the test of time. Oh and I removed the photobox logo and instead I added mine.

I didn't keep all the high quality pictures from the past and when you upload your images you'll see 3 different colored smileys: green, orange and red.
They indicate the quality of your pictures: the best, middle and worse categorie of course.
I had a lot of orange smiley's, so I expected a "so so" quality book.
But that was not the case.
On the contrary, the result was a fabulous book, beyond my belief and not what I expected.

Here are a phew shots:
The first page contains my first design.
....below and above some of my outfits...
After a while I started to create soft plush toys to match the outfits theme.
And this is where I started to set an eye for teddy bears, plush pals and other friends.
The rabbits above are from 2009. They belonged to one of my lastest designs.

Above the latest design of spetember 2009.
This is how your full window screen looks like when you finished your photobook.

Needles to say that I'm very happy with my book and it's a special memory 
of the beginning of Milly Me.
 And right now I'm working on a new photobook with my teddy bears (part one).
A couple of days ago I uploaded all images right from the beginning until now.
So my new photo book is up-to-date and whenever I finish a new plush friend,
I'm also creating a new page in my book.
To order my new teddy photo book I'll think I'll wait for a splendid offer on Photobox.
Usually in December....so it will be a lovely Christmas gift.

A photo that is also very special to me is one of my mum and my lovely little niece Fleur.
My mum is 81 and my little niece almost 8 months.
My SIL made the picture last friday. It really means a lot to me to see them together.
Both such happy ladies!!!
My mum is very active lady for her age. 
She still sews her own clothes, does a lot of craft work, maintains her own household/garden and she updates rooms in her house from time to time:  like painting the walls etc.
She just finished the wall one on the photo wanted to keep it secret for me until I visited her.
But the picture above revealed it....ggg.....my silly mum.
And she adores her grand children.
It's always fun to play and fool around and act like loose canons, even when you're 81!!!
She has a great sense of humour and can be really "naughty" from time to time.
This runs in the family...she gave it to the next generation and from time to time the first signs in the third generation pop up as well.
All I can say is that I love my mum, she gave me her love for crafts!!! She's a fabulous teacher and she still gives me advice with tips & tricks. This generation really knows a lot.

 And this is what I'm working on right now....
Do I need to "pre-sew" my teddy bears?
Well, not really, but I found out that I get a better result.
So it's my cup of tea to work like this.

I'm also working on the web page of my next piece. She should have been on-line...but as I love her so much myself that I decided to slow down a bit....just to keep her for myself for a little while.
.....but she will come.....

My garden: DONE!!! FINISHED!!! FERTIG!!! KLAAR!!!Let the Spring begin yea!!!
And as always every spring starts with lovely spring flowers.
And when I say spring flowers I say:



Wendy Chamberlain said...

Hi Thea
Love your wonderful clothing for the dolls, great idea to put everything together in a book. Do you still knit for your little bears?
So glad that spring is on the way, all the daffodils are starting to show. We have had strange weather for days, grey low cloud but no rain which we do need. There is a drought in England, can you believe it!!

Kays Kids said...

What lovely memories and photos.

Blythe Ghost said...

What a beautiful post Thea (love photo books)... gorgeous photo of your mum and niece. Did you plant tulips in your own garden?

Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your comment. Yes I still knit for my little bears. One is coming soon... I keep you updated through my blog. She turned out so wonderful, but I want to keep her a bit longer, just to enjoy my little sweetie before she'll leave her nest.
It's dry over here too. Unbelievale ain't it. Almost the same as last year's spring.
But at least everything will look wonderful with all those beautiful spring flowers that started to bloom.
Hava a happy weekend!!

Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Thanks Kay, it really is!!!

Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Yeah course, what did you expect, a garden without those beautiful tulips...took me weeks to plant those bulbs..!!!!
Happy weekend x

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Goedemorgen lieve Thea,

Meisie dit is supermooi en wat een tof idee...
En oma met haar kleinkindje...zo schattig!

Ik wens je een wonderschone dag..