03 February 2012

♥ A ♥ sweet-heart ♥ for ♥ Valentine's Day ♥

Well I bet you were you sittin' on your pins & needles waiting for my new piece.
I won't keep you waiting any longer then:
  She is a new design and I am soo thrilled at how wonderfull she turned out.
What a wonderful piece for ♥ Valentine's Day
And when Valentine's is over, you still have a magnificant set to display all year long.
Exactly as the text on the box indicates:

Scarlett weares and aged hand knitted barret that I have designed for her.
It was my first barret ever and it turned out wonderful ♥
  Scarlett is sitting on a very special box that I created for her.
I made a cross stitched ribbon around the box with lovely berries and leaves 
in very old colors and then aged.
The box is handpainted and then aged for definition to look like a very old box
which could be found in grandnanny's attic. 

The text speaks for itself and therefore is well suited as a special keepsake box for the  
And what is even more appropriate as a background....
I found this music sheet by Ludwig von Beethoven called:  
♥ Ich liebe dich - I love thee - Je t'aime ♥
♥ Ik hou van jou -  Я кахаю цябе
(...found in a music book which was one of my flea market treasures last summer...)
And I love thee too...I can't help it but I'm in love with my own piece.

♥ The Tree of Love ♥ 
 from my previous post.
It's made of woolfelt, trimmed with a piece of cotton lace, a vintage heart pendant
that dangles from a rusty ring and the letter S of course!
The heart is trimmed with an aged vintage ribbon.

Scarlett wears a handknitted pullover with "poof" short sleeves 
and a navy collar with vintage bow.
A handmade cotton skirt with pleaters and hand dyed red ribbon trim.
Then I distressed and aged the entire outfit for definition.

Go to my website for much more full sized pictures and all the other details:

In other words: Scarlett found a new home!
Weather Update :
Mr. Winter is blowing super cool air over Holland. The temperature dropped to -14.3 degrees last night...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is as if you are stepping in a large freezer when you go outside. 
Like the Fisherman's Friends: IT FEELS SUPER FRESH!!!
And today, as if it is not enough, and on top of all this: SNOW....Yeah! 
How I love King Winter in it's full glory.
 As beeing a skinny person I need at least 7 layers of extra jumpers, pants, thights 
and 10 pair of socks to keep me warm. 
He he he...So I'm feelin' a bit like the Michelin (wo-)Man right now.
 The ice rink in our village is open since yesterday. 
They are skating on the big pond behind our house too.....
Mmmm....I think I'm honouring our attic with my visit: where are those skates of mine....
But before I go up I have to unwrap myself of some extra layers, 
otherwise I can't move one bit...he he he.

Extra last update: YUP....it's snowing right now!!!


Leny said...

She is gorgeous Thea!!!


Kays Kids said...

Dear Thea, Those two bears are just the most beautiful, delightful little girls, one could ever see. I love evry thing about them the bear itself the clothes, the little love tree, and the beautiful box they are placed on. Congratulations.
Don't forget to wear the long johns.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Thea,

Yup, we know about being cold and wearing layers. Mom looks like that fluffy white man too when she & Dad take our puppies for a walk. (And we live in North Florida).

Oh, we love your new little girl. She is precious.

Happy weekend,

maddyrose said...

Thea, this sweet little girl is quite beautiful. Her clothing and the box she is sitting on are stunning.

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Absolutely beautiful little rabbit girl. Wonderful set!

marion said...

This is soooo amzing !! What a cutie ! hugs, marion

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

She is beautiful. Her eyes and expression are wonderful. I love her clothes the little box and heart tree. You can tell that you love creating. It sure shows in your wonderful pieces.


SimaBears said...

Und wieder so ein wundervolles Kunstwerk. Alles liebe ich !!!

Herzliche Grüße Simone