01 February 2012

Coming soon: NEW PIECE ( sneak-peek available if you can't wait)

Well do you feel it....I know I do:  
And if there is love in the air, I get butterflies in my belly.
It's a "tickling" feeling that I have since I created the new piece which is coming soon.

It will be a piece:

And....tadaaaaa....here is your sneak-peek.
It's a piece that I:
The only thing you need right now before you can view the entire set is: patience dust.
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Off the record news:
The weather in Holland is very very very cold...brrrrrrrbbbb....
It's like living in a freezer when you go outside.
But these temperatures are good for a massive-madness-hype amongst the Dutch.
As there can only be one reason:  
We smell ice !!!
And when we smell ice: BINGO ► we are completely freaking out, we are going nuts!!!
All together, we suffer from massively ICE FEVER!!!

Almost anyone can skate.
It doesn't matter what age your are, when there is ice, you just go for it.

Very famous and beautiful to watch is our traditional way of folk skating.

 It's a very special style, often done by older people who still dominate this style of skating.

But the thing we are all waiting for is the famous:
Elf Stedentocht > The 11 Cities Race
It has only been held 15 times since the first official event in 1909.
It's a 200 km - 120-mile speedskating marathon over frozen rivers and canals linking 11 towns in the nothern part of Holland: a province called Friesland.
The long term outlook is good. But we need 16 cm - 6 inches of ice.
And Friesland is preparing itself.
Hundreds of thousands of people are watching the marathon skaters and other participants who are skating this race non-stop. In other words: it's a kind of national holiday.
We'll see if Mr. Winter continues to send very cold air to Holland....
The last race was held on the 4th of January 1997, my birthday.
Many skaters are now waiting for the 11 city president who will speak these famous words
that are soooo well known:

And if you want my honest opinion: well I love to skate. As a young girl I used to do it a lot.
And I love to watch the 11 city race as well.
But that's just it. Now that I've become an older (& hopefully a wiser) Dutch girl:  I hate cold weather.
The only advantage I see is that the sun is shining
(but maybe if the ice conditions are good....I cannot resist to "get the skates out of its fat" !!!)

Meanwhile I have to bear in mind that:


The Bear's Blog said...

That's it? That is all you are going to show us? Oh,dear.

Heaps of Hugs

maddyrose said...

I haven't skated in years and spend as little time as possible outside when it's super cold. I do remember loving to skate. When I was a young girl I lived to skate. The 11 city race must be exciting to watch. Let's hope this is the year for it since it's been so cold anyway.

Bearly Sane said...

Dear Thea, thank you for you good wishes. I see you have been very busy...love the PEEPS! Can't wait to see what you're working on now, I bet it's something beautiful. Everyday, I look at the little bunny you made and think of you.
Sending you the warmest hugs to keep you snug right down to your skates.
Sandi XXX

Kays Kids said...

Hi Thea, I'm sure I would be the one on my bottom if I skated. I will be interested to hear if the big race goes ahead. It sounds as though the winter is very cold.
Warm Hugs