20 January 2012

Why isnt't there a "bad-day-delete"- button.....???

It wasn't a happy week at: 
" Villa Teddy Bear Fur "
If I was able to skip a week, I probably would use this feature and delete last week forgood.
Open the trash bin and dump it as quick as I possible!
There were a couple of reasons which can be held responsible:  

First of all: I cut my right thumb 3 (!!!!) times.
Reason: my Venus Gilette Razor.
My tip: never rinse the razor behind your back after shaving your armpits. Until now it was always my method ( I’ve always  loved to do things the other way around).
( pssstttt....Did I say the wisdom comes with age....or was it the other way around...??? )

For some reason this title song of the Commodores:
Three Times A Lady ”, pops up in my mind. 
But I guess that refers to something else...he he he.
It was a bit inconvenient to work with a thumb wrapped in a bandage,
but I managed to create a new design. Mission accomplished.

Second problem: a nasty toothache for at least a whole week.
And I’m not so keen on that. Alarm bells were ringing in my head as this is not the first time.
I’m familiar with toothaches caused by something else.

As there was no spontaneous cure,
I decided to open my routine-book to eliminate certain causes and it was...........

........at my dentist.
But there was nothing wrong with my teeth. The only thing the dentist discovered was a sensible wisdom tooth and we both decided to extract it. Phew.
That little thing won’t tease my any longer.
(....what did I say about wisdom before....LOL)
After checking the photo all that was left and A BIG BONUS AFER ALL and what causes my toothache appeared to be a sinus inflammation! YEAH.

Best way to deal with it:
Open your own spa, health and wellness center and try to steam everything open.
So far so good, nature must do the rest, I’m not so fond of antibiotics.

Despite all these problems, I always look on the bright side of life.
It's Springtime in my studio !!!
I just love it!!! I’m probably the biggest SPRING-fan on earth.
I’m very curious to look what will peep out of these eggs below….
I have no idea….do you know…??
All you need is a litte patience dust.....and meanwhile I'm the EGG-SITTER.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Leny said...

Boy...you had a bad week..not much fun at all!

Wish you a great New Week!!!


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Miss Thea, are you okay? Yikes, what a week you had. Go, RUN and hug a teddy bear - it reallllllly works, honest.

Okay, did the dentist leave some wisdom after that tooth came out? Giggle.

It's SPRING in your studio and that will make you feel beary good. Really, it will.

Have a wonderful SAFE weekend and take care of that cut on your finger.


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Ouch! I think you had a very painful week. We hope you are feeling better now.

I love the little bird nest.

Hope the new week is a better one.

Sissy, Mr. Sweet Pea, Blossom
and their Mama

Kays Kids said...

Dear Thea, what a terrible week you had. I hope you are getting better every day. Granny and I loved your post so much with the wonderful art clips, they are so funny.
We are wondering what will hatch out of your eggs. Something good I bet.
Hugs Granny and Wilbur.

Ellen Borggreve said...

You mean there is no button like that??? Bummer ;) Oh my.....I know just what you mean about toothache and sinus inflammations. I recently had my tooth pulled out too and what had appeared to be a very stubborn sinus infection proved to be just this tooth that had been bothering me....phew....Just look at it this way, you have gained so much wisdom this week :) Well, there is a brand-new week to play with, enjoy! Hugs, Ellen

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Sure your week can only get better now. So glad that the tooth problem has been sorted out and definitely only antibiotics as a last resort! I only ever had three wisdom teeth much to the delight of my family as they see it as a confirmation that I am a bit batty.
Go make a bear it will lighten up your week.

heibeni-bären said...

Hello Thea,
I'm soo happy, because I found your very lovely blog :) and now I'm your 100. reader :)
Your creations are very cute and your dogs, fantastic!
We have a lovely dog, too.
By the way I would be very happy if you like to visit my blog, too.
Maybe I here from you !
I send you many beary hugs from Germany and have a nice week

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Lieve Thea,

Meisje ik weet gewoon niet wa tik moet zeggen.
Mijn mond valt open...en ik kan alleen maar genieten!
Genieten van je prachtige,lieve, schattige vogeltjes..
Bener helemaal weg van...meis wat ben je toch een kunstenares, niet meer en niet minder!