10 January 2012


...Ta Ta Ra Ta Ta Daaaaa...Pee Peepp...
Well today was my first day in my studio after the happy holidays. 
I look back with moments of great joy and pleasure, maybe I'd better describe it as 
" melancholy sentiments " and " feelings of nostalgia "
I ordered some great new stuff (which took about a hundred years to arrive at my doorstep...pfff...) and started to "play" with it today. Result: this great looking ANNOUNCMENT-LABEL with Herald, the fabulous rabbit of Alice in Wonderland.
(ggg...did I mention that a least 5 pieces ended up in my trash-bin...lol)

It's a perfect label to annouce that I've created a new design and I'm soooooo happy at how adorable this piece turned out.
Right now I'm working on the pictures.
I'm so exited...and I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed in this one-of-a-kind-piece!!


Oh well...if you insist...here you go...
a tiny little sneak-peek. But that's all you get right now!!!


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Miss Thea,

You are a tease. Maybe just one more "hint"? Bet it's a teddy bear.


Kays Kids said...

Oh it looks exciting. Can't wait to peep.

Ellen Borggreve said...

Well done Thea! I can't wait to see what you have come up with. I am glad to be back in the studio actually. It feels like a warm nest here with all my own stuff around me. I love the holidays, but I am just as happy to be back at work.
I look forward to seeing all your new creations this year :)
Hugs, Ellen (and Kayla of course, who wags her tail and sends kisses)

Ik ben Esther said...

Ik zag net dat je een nieuw berichtje had gemaakt over een lief konijntje maar helaas kan ik de post niet lezen want als ik je blog aanklik zie ik alleen je vorige berichtje...zoooo jammer.
Ik weet niet of ik de enige ben?
groetjes Esther

SimaBears said...

Your animals are so beautiful!!

Greeting Simone