13 December 2012

To thee and thine, from me and mine (an XL-Post)

Oh my, in this time of year getting snow feels like a big bonus to many of us.
I love to look at it and have a nice walk when the weather is fresh, sunny and crispy.
But apart from above's conditions, that's it.
 And I also have to admit, it looks like a fairy tale outside.
But the snow is gone, so no white Christmas in Holland this year. 
My mum received my gift for her birthday: 
a photobook (Part One of course) with all my teddy bear creations that I made in the past. 
Many times she asked for photo's of my work, so now she's able to show my work to others.

I suppose that many of us are getting prepared for Christmas.
At least I'm in the mood. I always love to decorate my house and I always have ideas to make new things, but I have such little time to make it all come true, that I decided to do one or two projects each year. So my private Christmas collection is slowy growing each year :o)
On my wish list were a pair of wooden lanterns.
And last week I found a pair for a great price and I decided to "upgrade" them a little bit.
They were white washed, which of course is a nice colour, but our main home colour is ivory.
So I started to take them apart for a "sanding-manicure". 
I painted them in the ivory colour which is also the colour of our doors, windows, walls and kitchen. I love to keep the basic colours as simple as possible. The deco's will do the rest. 
Tadaaaa.......and now they are a pair of shabby chic antique ivory lanterns.
I distressed the edges and put some nice decorations in place.
To the lantern equipment belonged 3 romantic vintage silver waxine holders in different shapes.
But instead using waxine lights I prefered tiny battery christmas lights.
I wrapped the lights around a piece of apple twig pruned from our own tree. 
They were ivory washed with a mixture of chalk paint and water.
I added some silver grey Island moss and little Christmas ornaments.
I just love the way at how the lanterns turned out. 
The second thing that I did was very simple to create:
just put some beautiful christmas ornaments under a bell jar. 
Simply made and a great effect: a pretty chic look. 
I'm definitely not a kitchen-princess, but every now and then I get in the mood to pop into my Christmas Bakery. This year I made a yummie Christmas Bread.
It smells delicious and I hope it will taste like heaven :o)
It needs to rest for a few days so that the flavours are well spread!!!
(maybe there will be a teeny-weeny-pitty-xmas-mouse around to snap a piece, just to try...)

Meanwhile I'm working on my newest furry friend who very recently got her outfit.
It turned out so well...!!!
Buuuutttt the whole vignette isn't completed yet. As ususal it's a time-consuming project and with the Season's Holidays coming up + my own birthday, it's impossible to work on it every day.
Right now I'm working on the label: tiny cross stitches with one single thread over one thread.
Despite my age I still do not need reading glasses. But this is a different thing.
I've snapped old reading glasses (+ 3.00!) from my husband and use them as
a sort of magnifying glasses....LOL....It works fine!!!
A perfect view when it's right under my nose, everything else is very MISTY :o)

My handmade Christmas cards found their way to
family, beloved friends and customers who are all so very dear to me.

All that I need to say is: 

and your families, good health and all the best for 2013.
And please don't forget to:

30 November 2012

Where on earth have you been....?

It has been a while since my last blog post.
Since my previous post I have been working on several projects at the same time.
It made me feel like a creative centipede!!!
The most important thing of 'em all is that I designed and stitched a new furry friend.
It's peeping into the world with big black eyes full of wonder and I already love her so much.
" How wonderful life is, now you're in the world "

It's not just the only time it happened to me,
it almost happens very time when I'm working on a new piece.
Therefore I love, love, love the beautiful Greek myth of:
(what is the last name he he he)
 It's such a beautiful myth. Except that there will be one fact that I have to accept: my wish will not come true, my "statue" will not come to life like Galatea.
So I guess I will have to deal with it..

Right now I'm working on the "finishing touches" (ahum, major finishing touches i.m.h.o.) of my new piece.
As usual my brain is racing like a rollercoaster. You may think: "Oh wow that's fabulous".
Well it is, but not always, because it's also racing when I'm supposed to sleep!!!
I can wake up in the middle of the night and than it goes like: VROOOMMMMMM....
Sometimes I'm at my wits end of my own ideas (& head) pfff.

Yesterday was spend on the new outfit.
The scraps of paper on the right, led to new designs on the left.
No, no, there is a lot more...these are not the only pattern pieces :o)
Now I'm crossing my fingers at how the results will turn out.
One first attempt led to a new design as it was too short and I'm using another technique too.
Learning from your own 'mis-chieves&-takes'  is still one of the best ways: learning by doing!!!

Next project: make a present for my mother's birthday coming up on December 12th.
She will turn 82 this year and so she deserves a very special gift, bearcause I love her so much.

Next: I designed & made the X-mas cards for this year.
Usually I'm running out of time and need to make them the last minute or so.
So I decided to start early: designed new digi-stamps, cutting paper & images, tons of photoshopping: learned new ways to print square envelopes, square double sided cards...again several mischieves...tralalalalala...stay calm, don't get nervous....and move on...
Et VOILÀ, they are ready for take off and I must admit that I feel relieved....phew!
Mission accomplished. Hip hip Hooray, congratulations, you've done it Thea!!! No worries anymore.

But there is still a lot more on my TO-DO-LIST.
December is a very busy month, but I just love it.
All those pretty Christmas decorations & house make-overs, X-mas shows, house-make-overs, oh and not to forget: my own birthday coming up as a late runner  :o)
Tomorrow I will start with the first deco's: the bay window and fireplace mantle.
Our BIG Christmas tree is scheduled for next week.

I'm already dreaming away with the "almost" wonderful time of the year. It is my 2nd most wonderful time of the year as I my number one favorite is: Spring & Summer.
So December feels "literally" like a BIG BONUS, just to break the winter time.

So weekend is now ahead of us and I will have:

I wish you all a very happy weekend.
Have a fabulous holiday season and countdown to Christmas to the Dutch I say:
" Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers..........het is bijna 5 December en ik geloof er nog heilig in! "
And above all: best of luck with all your Christmas preparations.


Whoops, almost forgot to tell you, what to think of my new blog background & header?
Smells like teen spirit for Christmas, yeah!


06 November 2012


... In a Unique Feminine Vintage Style with a Very Special  Box and  Bird Cage ...
Loiselle, a new taller design.
And I am so pleased at how stunning this vignette turned out.
The vintage box with embroidered ribbon, 
the woolfelt bird and bird cage belong to this vignette.

I really love the colors on this piece: the soft aged peachy pinks & creams.

Because she is a teddy bird princess, I had to find a name that really suits her.
And all of a sudden the name Loiselle popped up in my mind.
It is referring to the French word l'oiseau which means bird.
A princess bear deserves a very posh name i.m.h.o.

Loiselle's ivory dress is especially designed for her.
It is handmade of 100% vintage silk pongee which is soft, very smooth and very very thin!!!
It is trimmed with fine French cotton laces and a vintage distressed banding.

The lid of her box is trimmed the same way for a perfect match.

Loiselle has such a lovely expression.
She's the first bear that I gave eyelids and beautiful shaded smokey eyes.
Loiselle  has been ADOPTED - huge thanks!
   I'm sure that she can't wait to peep into her new home!

I hope you are having a fabulous Autumn season.