16 December 2011

Painting the Past

Christmas is really getting closer each day.
You simply cannot deny it...as if I ever could....I love this time of the year.
Besides warehouses and garden centers, you can visit various Christmas markets
and other events.
And one of the most beautiful events to visit is our local historical spectacle.
Last weekend our village went back in time to the year 1830.
This is always a great event and has also become well known in the Netherlands.
Visitors come from everywhere to " PAINT THE PAST ".
As usual the amount of impressions was just too much, but here are a few:

Sing a welcome song......
    The Major......................and...........................the Piper

Local children gave their " Acte de Présence "
An awesome abacus...I wish I was mine....

LOOK OUT: Chickens on transport!!!

Awww.... two poor girls dressend in old rags, bagging for food and money...
I'll bet they love eatin' "our" crispy french fries :o)

It was just one day, but one day to remember.

Have fun to prepare yourselves for the most beautiful time of the year.
I know I will.


The Bear's Blog said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Merry Christmas
All of Us

Lynne said...

Such WONDERFUL photos Thea!!! I felt like I was there. I especially love the ones with the children and the big Christmas tree!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Love and hugs,
Lynne xoxo

Blythe Ghost said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of Christmas Past, what a special way to celebrate the season.

Merry Christmas Thea!

Kays Kids said...

I love the idea of a celebration of the past. What fun.

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay lieve meis,

Ohhh...wat een geweldige sfeer is het hier op je blog!
Prachtig deze foto's en zo mooi verslag...
Meis wat is dit genieten deze post..

Thea ik wil je een warme, liefdevolle Kerst wensen...
en een gezond, gelukkig 2012!

Lieve groetjes,

Ellen Borggreve said...

Oh Thea, wat geweldig! Ik zou me helemaal thuis voelen in die sfeer. Heel prettige kerstdagen gewenst en een heel erg fijn en magisch 2012 . Ik ben benieuwd wat je in het nieuwe jaar gaat maken :)
Groetjes, Ellen (en Kayla...)