20 December 2011

I can smell the scent of Christmas...

I think that I have mentioned that I love Christmas. Woo Hoo it's only a few days away...
How wonderful to stroll around and smell the scent of Christmas everywhere.
Here are a few shots from my visit at the garden center.

 Aaaahhhh...these are the cutest and coolest Santa booties that I've ever seen.
Now I have tiny feet, but unfortunately they did not fit.

If you see this beautiful Christmas stuff, you want to buy it all.
Somehow I managed to restrain myself, but it wasn't easy.... You rock Thea :o)

Tadaaaa.....it's simple and easy to create a major effect...

 Christmas balls keep fallin' on my head :o)

It looks like a big Christmas Blow Out Sale....!!!!

But there is an exception to every rule, especially when you love wrens.
I got weak knees when I saw this little bird...I counld not resist, so it's all mine now.
It was love at first sight.

 Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how immense do I love thee

And now I'm off......into my Christmas Bakery and start baking
those delicious christmas cinnamon stars.


Kays Kids said...

What a lovely shop, I would love to be there to see if they had any more Robins. May be Santa boots for a Teddy. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Thea,

Mom & I went to our local nursery yesterday and just walked around and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Everything was so pretty. We have pictures on our Friday post, please stop by for a visit.

Merry Christmas.

Heaps of Hugs

Ellen Borggreve said...

Goh, ik dacht even dat je helemaal niks gekocht had. Ik was al enorm onder de indruk van zoveel zelfbeheersing :) Ik ben blij dat je toch nog iets gekocht hebt. Ik begon me al een "big spender" te voelen met maar liefst 4 venetiaans carnaval maskers in mijn mandje bij de kassa van het tuincentrum :) Geniet van je kerstdagen. Groetjes, Ellen

Bearly Sane said...

I can see you have been having lots of fun with your new graphics programme!!

Lovely post Thea, I enjoyed shopping with you...especially those little red boots.
Warmest Hugs,