01 December 2011

Work in progress....my new X-MAS-????

It's the 1st day of December.
Time flies...and we can almost look back to the year 2011.
This weekend I will prepare my house for the most romantic time of the year: 
And with Christmas coming up I'm also working on my next piece which will be an X-mas-????
It's a lot of work...as always, I would say.
I just love the colors for this time of the year: the reds, the greens and the golds.
They bring warmth and coziness. 
Sitting in front of the fireplace, candles burning, a glass of mulled wine...mmm...
I my head Bing Crosby is singing his famous " White Christmas ". Ohh I just love it.
And of course: no Christmas without berries!!!

I don't know exactly how this piece will turn out. That's a surprise for me too... :o)
But so far so good. And working on this new piece brings much joy.

At this moment I am embroidering. Haven't done this in ages. 
And it brings back good memories. I use to embroider a lot in the past.

pssstt....at the  right side a little FEET-PEEK-A-BOO....of my next...????... at least she is ready!!!
So I hope I got this piece DONE-ON-TIME...and TIME is always flying in my studio.
If a day had 48 hours, I was still short of time :o)
So gotta rush........see ya.....


Kays Kids said...

Those cheery bears on your header look great. I have been doing the decorating this week also. Although no fires and mulled wine hear, because we have Christmas in the summer.

Blythe Ghost said...

It sounds interesting and I can't wait to see what you come up with this time.

Yes, the Christmas header is lovely.

Lynne said...

I can't wait to see her Thea!! The embroidery floss has me intrigued since I love to embroider!! Hugs!!