14 November 2011

The Milly Me Music Corporation Presents:

Petit Mozart is already adopted
Well after a few months the time has come to launch a new creation.
I've finished little Mozart ages ago and it's about time to show him.
So please take a peek at my iTTy-biTTy, whimsical and most of all musical little friend.
Little Mozart likes to play on his handmade drum.
There are more and full-sized pictures on my website: >> CLICK HERE <<
And this is also the end of this blogpost :o)
Take care...and...


The Bear's Blog said...

He is beyond PRECIOUS.


Mireille Begijn said...

Hallo Thea,
Prachtig werk alles is zoooooooooo perfect !!!!!!

Groetjes Mireille

Kays Kids said...

This little bunny is fabulous. The colours are wonderful. Congrats.!!!

Bearly Sane said...

Oh Milly! I do love your Pretit Mozart ... so pleased he is adopted otherwise I would be MORE than TEMPTED to adopt him myself. You have a wonderful imagination!

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay lieve Thea,

Wat een prachtig gemaakt konijntje.
Alles is zo perfect afgewerkt..zo strak en mooi!
En het trommeltje van Mozart is te leuk voor woorden..
Kortom je bent een kunstenaar!


Jolanda said...

Hallo Thea, wat een prachtig blog heb je toch,je foto's zijn zoooo mooi, (kan ik nog wat van leren)! Ik kom gauw je nieuwe keuken bewonderen en kijken of je alweer iets moois aan het maken bent! Lieve groetjes Jolanda.

Doriane said...

Wha a cute little bunny ! I love him ♥

Blythe Ghost said...

Your attention to detail is fantastic Thea ... I have loved all your creations.