26 November 2011


I am so pleased to show you Aurelia.
I am sooo thrilled at how wonderful she turned out. She has tons of detail.
Everything that you see is handmade and created with deep love & passion.
Aurelia's hat is double layered and it is wonderfully distressed for definition, 
trimmed with a ribbon and a handmade ring made off twisted copper wire,
swarovski bicones with other beads and pearls.

The flowers are handpainted and beautifully distressed with accents of morning dew.
I just love these precious colors.

The pictures of Aurelia DO NOT do her justice because they are small 
(blogger-sized) and you cannot enlarge them.
I invite you to visit Aurelia's own webpage where I've uploaded lots of supersized pictures.
You can also find out how to adopt this piece to add it to your own collection!!
She is oh so wonderful and you won't be dissapointed in this charming one-of-a-kind piece.


18 November 2011

Flea market Stuffiezzzzzz (part 2)

A while ago I visited a big flea market in my neighbourhood.
Flea markets always make me nuts...YEAH ... :o)
I always hope to find a bargain which seems to be worth a lot....so far....no luck...snif snif...
but the stuffiezzz that I find can also be real treasures.
So when my eyes fell on this puzzle.....

.....my heart created a dance of joy!!!
I couldn't believe it...so no matter what at any cost, I had to buy it. 
I was hoping that the price was not too high. And fortunately it was not: only 3 EURO'S!!!
Now why was I so happy with this puzzle:
When I was at kindergarten I played with a similar puzzle. I remembered it at once when I saw it.
I was in 7th heaven, to me this was a dream come true and it brought me back to those happy days of beeing a little child that could play endlessly.
I'm looking at it each day, cause it is in my studio on a special "TREASURE"- shelf. 

... and here are the other stuffiezzzzz  that I found ...

The abacus is also awesome....
I wonder who's been playing with it.
It was also a bargain, I've seen them for much higher prices
I also love the letterbox. 
I want to change the letters a little bit: color them or distress them...don't know yet.
The little suitcase is also a childhood memory. I had a red one, but it's lost somewhere in the past. The seller told me it was from her daughter who is my age.
So I turned home with these little treasures and they made me a very happy Thea :o)

14 November 2011

The Milly Me Music Corporation Presents:

Petit Mozart is already adopted
Well after a few months the time has come to launch a new creation.
I've finished little Mozart ages ago and it's about time to show him.
So please take a peek at my iTTy-biTTy, whimsical and most of all musical little friend.
Little Mozart likes to play on his handmade drum.
There are more and full-sized pictures on my website: >> CLICK HERE <<
And this is also the end of this blogpost :o)
Take care...and...

08 November 2011

My first WORKSHOP ever.....!!!

While I was looking through my childhood photo album I came accross this picture:
This proves you're never too young to learn how to distress a teddy bear :-)
It is absolutely one of my sweetest childhood pictures. I think I'm almost 2 yrs old.
Unfortunately, the bear died...snif snif... :-(
Perhaps I've scrubbed too hard...lol
 And apperently I am not the only one with "polishing tendencies"

03 November 2011


Are you also having severe problems to find a particular lace or ribbon...???
I am a lace and ribbon junkie for many many years.
So I decided to sort them all out to provent me from:
" S**T-where-is-that-particular-ribbon-which-I-definitely-need-right-now-*&#(#)*&%$*@$ :o( !! "
... I started to cut thick carboard cards...
...and then the real work began: RIBBON AND LACE WINDING...

 It took a long time, believe me or not, it really took a few days. It seemed there was no end.
But everything comes to an end and so I finished the job.
Now my boxes are filled with fine french and english lace and all kinds of ribbon.
ggg...its only a small part of the collection :o)

A large tower of boxes bursting with lace and ribbon
...when will they EXPLODE..!!! :o)
The total length: approx 132 cm - 52 inches - 1.45 yards

My questions for you: 
* Are you familiar with this problem..?
* How do you keep your ribbons..?
* So am I the only nutter who collect this much..? (which I can't believe...LOL)  

I am really looking forward to hear from how you deal with it.