21 October 2011

I proudly present: MILLY ME of LOENERHOF

I always wanted to tell you: there is a Milly Me that really exists!!!
She was born at 29 July 2009 and her full name is:
 Milly Me is a small Münsterlander Pointer (German breed), their specialty: bird hunting.
Our dog Ymke is the of the same breed and she comes from the same kennel. 
In fact Milly Me is a full niece of our dog.
I'm very honored that Judith,  the breeder and co-owner of the kennel, has used my name for one of her dogs.
Like all mummy dogs Nancy is cleaning her new born puppy Milly Me.
Milly, 6 days
Milly loves to play with her sister Lune....
......pooh, pooh, I'm a little tired......(4½ weeks)
May 2010: Judith and Milly, 3rd place at the clubmatch
Milly's official photo on the kennels website.

2011........like all Small Münsterlander Pointers she loves to swim.
If you want to see more of Milly Me, then please visit the website: Milly Me van Loenerhof


The Bear's Blog said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing Milly Me's precious pictures.

Happy Weekend, and just think - you are getting closer to your new kitchen being completed. The worst is behind you. Just keep saying that out loud. (o:


Kays Kids said...

I loved the story of Milly Me. The photo of mother dog with babies is precious.
Have a great weekend.

Bearly Sane said...

Enjoyed the story of Milly Me and the photos are lovely Thea ... specially the puppy ones!