21 October 2011

I proudly present: MILLY ME of LOENERHOF

I always wanted to tell you: there is a Milly Me that really exists!!!
She was born at 29 July 2009 and her full name is:
 Milly Me is a small Münsterlander Pointer (German breed), their specialty: bird hunting.
Our dog Ymke is the of the same breed and she comes from the same kennel. 
In fact Milly Me is a full niece of our dog.
I'm very honored that Judith,  the breeder and co-owner of the kennel, has used my name for one of her dogs.
Like all mummy dogs Nancy is cleaning her new born puppy Milly Me.
Milly, 6 days
Milly loves to play with her sister Lune....
......pooh, pooh, I'm a little tired......(4½ weeks)
May 2010: Judith and Milly, 3rd place at the clubmatch
Milly's official photo on the kennels website.

2011........like all Small Münsterlander Pointers she loves to swim.
If you want to see more of Milly Me, then please visit the website: Milly Me van Loenerhof

13 October 2011


I didn't blog very much, my previous post is a long time ago. But there is a reason:
M Y  N E W  K I T C H E N
We started to strip the old one on the 22nd of August.
Once started...we decided to change the utility room, hall and downstairs toilet too.
I have to admit it is has become a huge project and it is still not finished. But I am so happy with my new interior home colors, wallpapers, ceiling mods, new kitchen etc.

And as always the latest work is the most time-consuming. 
Everything that could go wrong, simply went wrong. It appeared that several granite slabs for the kitchen sink and the kitchen brigde for the taps were too small.
One granite slab broke just a few hundred meters away from our house, because the transport van was driving too fast over a road bump.
......ETC ... ETC....ETC....
I've been calm these past months, but was simply too much for me. 
I'm so fed up with this s**t.
All I want is a working kitchen where everything is functioning normally.
A place to cook, sit and chat.
So I need a bit of patience dust...1-2-3...stay calm Thea and take a deep breath!!!
I'm sure we will manage to fix it all (as if we can stop this process...he he he)

Here are just a few piccy's to show you: 
First of all: stripping the wall tiles, paintings & decoratioins have been removed.
Poof....get rid of everything and start with a blank canvas.....
The kitchen was used as a studio to paint a lot of doors.
A preview of the new english country style kitchen.
My new job as a full-time painter...!!!
Cooking the last meal.... my doggie is looking over my shoulder as my guardian angel.
" Yo boss, gimme some of that stuff...."

 It's a delicious vegetarian meal....Yummmmm

And when the painting inside is finished, then you go outside. 
" Oops...OMG...all is crying out loud for maintainance "
So I ran like hell trough my garden to:
 prune the fruit trees....
...and there is such a thing like: CLEANUP YOUR POND...
...a really nice job...oempf...I'm not as resilient as I once was...
 And when the job outside is done...you can still cook your dinner inside in a primitive way...LOL.
And this is one of the last meals that I cook in the garage. 
If all goes well tomorrow, the electriciens are here for the final finishing touches: connect our watertap, quooker, the hob and toilet to their networks. 
I keep my fingers crossed. 
This evening the ceiling moldings will be placed. And next week the plasterer. 
And then there's only job left: painting the walls and celing with beautiful paint from Farrow & Ball. 
And paper the walls in the hall and downstairs toilet.
As I write this, I realize that this will still take some time...phew.
I hope to be back into business very soon...