01 August 2011


LOL.....I am working on my blog...change HTML codes, create new labels etc.
Playing with the HTML code is somewhat advanced stuff, so just to be sure and just in case I made a back-up of my blog.....
I previewed every change that I made and only S A V E D my changes when approved OK.
 BUT for some silly reason blogger posted a previous post from the 17th of May again!!
(see the post below this one) 
*#&@-+&#%*^$ #@-&;%*&#;_!
Can anyone tell me W H Y..??? Of course it's not what I want.
And to complete the nightmare, they mixed up the post as well, what a mess!
I will not delete it as I cannot find the reason why and perhaps it will be gone tomorrow.
That happened before.
But I hate it when Blogger behaves like a antonomous muscle.
So I cross my fingers that it will be fixed by tormorrow.
If not: hereby my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

1 comment:

Bearly Sane said...

Oh don't you just wanna scream? I hate to tell you this Thea...but your background has shrunk too!
Warmest Hugs,