30 July 2011

Flea market Stuffiezzzzzz

Summer-time = Flea-market-time  
in our area!!
Not only in our village, but in almost every village around us. 
This means: hopping from flea market to flea market. 
I just love it!!!
What did I find last time...
 Great music books, antique fine French lace, vintage buttons and an old wagon.
 I have tons of lace, and I can't refuse to buy it when I find something lovely like this.
I am simply too addicted at antique lace you see.
And every piece of lace is different of course :o)
And especially when it's wrapped in it's original paper
I'm over the moon!!!
I also found great music books.
I just love the cover of this old music book. It's awesome.
The seller told me it was coming from and old piano teacher.

I'm really looking forward to use the items for my next projects to come...... They are inspiring me and will give me ideas.
I love to work with materials like this, and they will certainly enchance the bears and other furry friends.

25 July 2011

Welcome New Sweet Little Baby

...born yesterday on the 24th of July 2011...

A new family member has arrived!!!
A darling niece for us to love.
She is so sweet and beautiful, a true miracle of life...
...and I am so proud to be her "sugar-auntie".

 Holding the finger of her big brother Rick.

My husband and I

Your day of birth seems the perfect time,
To say a word or two,
About how nice it is to have
A Family Member just like you
It also is the perfect chance
To send this wish your way,
For all life’s best and finest things,
Today and everyday.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea

15 July 2011

Please meet : Petit Pepino


Sorry, I'm adopted
Please meet:
" Petit Pepino "
He can be adopted.Please check my website to see more full-sized photos and find out more about this
little-itty-bitty-bunny and how to adopt him.
Click ** HERE **
Pepino loves to play on his new drum, which I created for him.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea

08 July 2011

Please meet: Clown Bear TOBIAS

I'm very pleased to show to you clown bear TOBIAS.
He is a new design and I think it turned out wonderful. I love him very much and it was a bit hard to let him go. You know every detail and every stitch that you've created with such deep love & passion. That makes saying goodbye is a little painful sometimes.
On the other hand I cannot keep all the teddy bears, that's a fact.
I love making beautiful teddy bears and I love to hear that others appreciate my creations very much. This makes me happy and this is one of the reasons why teddy bears are my passion. It's a passion which I would like to share with others.......

Tobias is now off to France where he will live in the beautiful French Alps of Albertville.
I'm sure he enjoyes the beautiful view.
Click ** HERE ** for more & full size pictures on my website.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea