28 June 2011

Isn't she lovely.....

I found this picture of myself a couple of days ago while I was "spring cleaning " my entire house.
The reason for this was a little mouse in our house downstairs....We had to clean the utility room as the little fellow decided to gnaw a hole in my bags with bread mix. Oh you naughty little thing!!!
I do like mice, but this was one step too far.......
So we start to clean up the whole room. Result: NO MOUSE!!!!
Huh.....where did he go..?? Finally we managed to locate where he came from. We found a small hole in the ceiling that leads outside.
My husband has placed a mouse trap on one of the shelves, but the mouse did not show up again.
Phew...I think he had an mouse-garding angel.
So one step led to another and I all of a sudden I was in a manic "cleaning-up-the-mess-mood".
Started downstairs and ended with the attic. A normal person would do this probably the other way around, but I like to do things in a different way you see...LOL.

So in one of the rooms I found a lot of folders with pictures and negatives. And I also found this great picture of myself. I must have been approx. 5-6 months old.
I do not like pictures of myself, I do not look good. But I love this one of myself. It gives me a nostalgic feeling of tenderness.
And this picture is so special because my dad took it. He was a good photographer and unfortunately he passed away in 1999. I still miss him very much as we had a lot of fun together.
So I am so happy that I found this picture again and I love to share with you a very young happy little Thea.....

I'm off for today.....I close my pc.The only think I can think of with this hot weather is ICE.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Thea, what an adorable photo, look at all those curls!

I love the mouse story, so glad he escaped unharmed. I too like mice. (o:


Leny said...

What a lovely picture of little Thea,

Want ice too!!!!!!!


Bearly Sane said...

Ah yes Thea, you were indeed a very pretty baby!

I guess all daughters miss their fathers, especially when there's a strong bond, I know I miss mine. He was more than a dad, he was my friend and mentor too.

Hope you are cooling down now.

Wateringen said...

Hay Thea,

Wat een schattige foto's..
Ik ben helemaal gek van oude foto's...
ze scheppen zo'n prachtige sfeer.

Ik wil je nog even bedanken voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog.

Liefs en een fijne zondag,

diane guelinckx de becker said...

hoi Milly , wat fijn dat je ook op een blog je prachtige werk toont .
liefs Diane

Wateringen said...

Hay Thea,

Wat zijn deze foto's schattig!!
Het geeft gelijk zo'n mooi sfeer zulke vintage foto's..
En elke foto heeft zijn eigen verhaal...heerlijk..

Ook wil ik je feliciteren met je gewonnen prijs bij Biene...wat gaaf!!
Van dat mooie stofenpakketje ga je toch wel heel iets moois maken?
Ben benieuwd wat voor schepseltje er bij je wordt geboren..

Dag lieve Thea...fijne week..
Marijke van Ooijen