28 June 2011

Isn't she lovely.....

I found this picture of myself a couple of days ago while I was "spring cleaning " my entire house.
The reason for this was a little mouse in our house downstairs....We had to clean the utility room as the little fellow decided to gnaw a hole in my bags with bread mix. Oh you naughty little thing!!!
I do like mice, but this was one step too far.......
So we start to clean up the whole room. Result: NO MOUSE!!!!
Huh.....where did he go..?? Finally we managed to locate where he came from. We found a small hole in the ceiling that leads outside.
My husband has placed a mouse trap on one of the shelves, but the mouse did not show up again.
Phew...I think he had an mouse-garding angel.
So one step led to another and I all of a sudden I was in a manic "cleaning-up-the-mess-mood".
Started downstairs and ended with the attic. A normal person would do this probably the other way around, but I like to do things in a different way you see...LOL.

So in one of the rooms I found a lot of folders with pictures and negatives. And I also found this great picture of myself. I must have been approx. 5-6 months old.
I do not like pictures of myself, I do not look good. But I love this one of myself. It gives me a nostalgic feeling of tenderness.
And this picture is so special because my dad took it. He was a good photographer and unfortunately he passed away in 1999. I still miss him very much as we had a lot of fun together.
So I am so happy that I found this picture again and I love to share with you a very young happy little Thea.....

I'm off for today.....I close my pc.The only think I can think of with this hot weather is ICE.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea

27 June 2011

OMG..........this can't be true.....

I WON...this Blog Bon Bon!!
Tralala...ICH FREU MICH!!

Biene had this great Blogbonbon at her Blog in May 2011.
I decided to join...you never know, do you....
But.....I haven't been online very much last week as I was very very very busy with my new design which was very time-consuming and definitely no time for my pc as it is time-consuming as well in my case...LOL.
I was at Biene's wonderful blog today to found out who the lucky winner was...
and...tadaaaaaaaaa.......it was me....
Uhhhhh.........squeeze my arms will ya....please...
oops no...it's there in pink & white.....I still can read my name....ouch!!....

Liebe Biene....

Can't believe I won this ...it's just fantastic.
What can I say...all favorite colours are there and I'm sure I will
create something to treasure!!

I will let you know when it arrives.....ohhhhh can't wait for Mr. Postman to arrive at my doorstep. It will be an itty-bitty-Christmas in my house....he he he.
If you like to know more about Biene's romantic and lovely blog:

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea

15 June 2011

FOR SALE: " Petite Rosette "

As promised... please meet my new
little-itty-bitty-size-pretty-in-pink bunny:
" Petite Rosette "
She is now ready to be adopted.

I also made this " très petit " duckie.

Please check my website to see more full-sized photos and find out more about this
little-itty-bitty-pretty-in-pink bunny and how to adopt her.
I'm SOLD....Thank you.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea

09 June 2011

Newsflash...& Sneak Peek...!!!

I would like to announce that my new
" little-itty-bitty-size-pretty-in-pink... ???? ..."
will be here on my blog on Wednesday 15th June.
Here you have a tiny-itty-bitty-sneak-peek... :0)
I hope you will be able to pop along to see the new ????

Have a nice weekend.......

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea