01 August 2011

My first reborn teddy bear

This is ridiculous. It cannot be that I have not communicated since april 5th. Shame on me. I apologise. But teddybears and other friends kept my away from my computer.
I've been working on a new collection and all parts that belong to it are finished since yesterday.
All turned out wonderful and I am capable of more than I think.
But I want to look at my own collection for a little bit longer, before I start selling them.

I've also been working on my first "reborn" teddy bear.
Below the story of Mr. Strawbeary and his amazing make-over!!!
Sometimes..........you are no longer satisfied with your own teddybear that you've once made.
In March 2008 I attented a course to make a teddy bear.
This is how it all begann with my teddy bears.
In August 2008 I created Mr. Strawbeary. He was the first teddy bear that I've made without any help. I bought him as a teddy bear kit. And then I was satisfied with the result.
But he was not a stayer, as he was not the style that I wanted to make. He went to my mum.
He stood for a while in her room, until he moved to the hall way in early 2010.
Message understood, she did not like him as in the beginning.
In January this year she wanted to turn him into a teddy girl and asked me for a piece of lace to make a dress.
???????????.......excuse me.......a girl....??????? I burst out laughing.....really!!!!!
I decided to take him back home and prepare him for his big gender transformation.
He sat a while in my room and I saw no girl in him.....fact.
After a few months my mother asked if the teddy bear was ready . Oops sorry, no.
I've been very busy with other
teddy bears and I asked her to have more patience dust.
And finally......last weekend I got a brilliant idea. He stayed a HE, but I "reborned" him into a clown.
And I must say, he turned out wonderful. It was such fun to do.
Below you can see the befores and the afters......have fun looking at him........

This is the original Mr. Strawbeary in August 2008.

Left: august 2008. Right May 2011.
 I made this lovely label which Pippo now is wearing around his wrist. 
Success at first attempt.....

You can see a much more and larger pictures of Pippo the Clown at my website.
Click ** HERE **

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea


DBears said...

Very sweet, i love him. Please more Bears.
-- Dirk--

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Thea,

I love him before & after. So precious. That 2008 "Strawbeary" photo is so adorable.


Leny said...

Hi Thea,

Nou ik vindt het een hele verbetering hoor!!!Eerst was het een schatje en nu een echt kunstwerkje!


Milly Me® Teddybears said...
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Leny said...

Hi Thea,

He is sweet as Mr Strawbeary but he is a beautiful artist bear now!


Jolanda said...

Hoi Thea, wat is je clown mooi geworden, echt prachtig,kun je hem donderdag meenemen naar de workshop,ik wil hem dolgraag zien, ik denk dat de anderen het ook super zouden vinden, of is hij nal verhuisd(hihi, zou mij niks verbazen)! Liefs Jolanda.

Wateringen said...

Hay Thea,

Wat een prachtige blog.
Ben natuurlijk ook volger van jou geworden.
Wil niks moois van je blog missen!

Wil je hartelijk welkom heten op mijn blog, en bedanken voor je lieve krabbeltje.

Hartelijke groeten,