27 March 2011

Ted World Wide Show Wiesbaden

Ahhhhhh finally......it's about time to show you the pictures of my amazing week in Germany.
Because of my husbands surgery last week I wasn't able to post. He is recovering very well with ups & downs,
but all seems to go well.

I visited the Ted World Wide Teddy Bear Show in Wiesbaden at the 12th of March.
It was great this year. There was already a long queue waiting before the show opened.
There were more exhibitors (264!!!) than last year and I thought the level was much higher.
Some exhibitors were sold out ROCKET FAST!!! Just amazing to see how quickly the bears were sold to the new owners. Some visitors run like hell hoping to buy that speacial teddy bear.
I other words I enjoyed and loved it very very much.
Here are the pictures, enjoy viewing them.....

Bären aus dem Reiherwald by Roswitha Weyand (Germany)

A beautiful Ice Bear Cub by Karin de Lorenzo (Germany)

Dufeu Bear by Günter Dufeu (Germany)

Stepi Bären by Nicole Stepien (Germany)

Amazing teddy bears and other pets by Alena Zhirenkina (Russia)
I was very impressed with her work.

The famous "Feenwald Bären" by Biene Michalak (Germany)
Biene has a great blog, I highly recommand it: ELVENPULVER
" Why is almost everything sold out...??? "
You rock BIENE :0)

Which bear will win the Ted World Wide Award?
Here are a few nominees:
Nanny McPhee & Lillibet by Annie Beerten
Goldie by Anna Dazumal
Liz & Lizzy by Britta Uhlendorff
Albina by Anna Tide
Ori by Karin De Lorenzo

Nappi Bears by Barbara Sulser (Switserland)

Oksana Sklirenko (Ukraine)

Furry Critters by Manuela Schulz (Germany)

Avateddy by Olga Sobol (Germany)End of the show.
It is time to go home....bye bye Wiesbaden....
See ya next year!!

From Wiesbaden I went straight to the Creativa Show in Dortmund (Germany).
Four halls with all kind of crafts....OMG....I never ever went to a show like this before.
And I never ever saw so many women together......
The only few men who were there looked like "pack mules" that carry stuff. Poor men.... :0)

A silicon Ice Bear Cub by Sigrun Heck (Germany)
Just amazing all hairs are rooted!!

A beautiful quilt. One of the best I ever saw.
It was awesome!!

And here is the final result of those great shows.
I am very happy with my new stuff.

Stay tuned......XOXO Thea


The Bear's Blog said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing.


susana said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing :))

Natalia said...

thank you for sharing, hugs, Natalia

Stacy Shpak said...

Thank you a lot for pictures!