02 February 2011

"HILFE - HELP"...............a new virus....?????

Ahhhhhhhhhhh am I infected with a NEW VIRUS...???
I don't know.....but last week I had my first scrap/crop evening.
Scrapping is very very popular in Holland especially in combination with the Magnolia stamps.
They are extremely popular!!!!
I made this little bag with Tilda design paper.
And I water-coloured Tilda (that's her name) with Distress Ink.
I've never done this before, but I really loved it.
I'm afraid there will be more scrap evenings to follow.....ggg.
It is too much fun to do.

Below sitting on a small bunch of Hydrangea's: Finley.
He is one of the little woolfelt rabbits from my previous post.
And I'm very happy with my new design.
I am into rabbits these days, because I like them very much.
And they were on my wishlist for quite a while.
Meanwhile I made a few more rabbits and hopefully they will appear on this blog and my website very soon.

Speaking of website's......
I am revamping the website a little bit. That is one of the reasons I am not posting very much. It takes a lot of time to re-write/update several pages and to make new page titles. In other words: I got PHOTOSHOP EYES at the moment :o)

Stay tuned.........XOXO Thea


The Bear's Blog said...

We LOVE Finley, he is precious. And the bag is darling. Can't wait to see your redesigned site, we have missed hearing from you.

All of Us

BELLA BEAR said...

passei pra olhar e gostei do que vi,lindas peças,beijo do Brasil