05 January 2011

Have yourself a very warm birthday........

Phewwwwwwwwwww last night all of a sudden it was very warm in my house......
Look what I got:
this large candlelight birthday cake of one of my dearest friends.
It was totally surprised she brought me this cake. Typically for her to do such a sweet thing.
Yes you guessed it: yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!!!
Do you wanna now my age???
Count the candles on my cake.....
I bet you will not succeed he he he!!!

Together with the cake I got this lovely card.
Here is the translation:

are very healthy.

The fact is:
the more you celebrate,
the longer you live
LOL..........YUP........I AGREE WITH THAT!!!!!!

In preparation for my birthday party this weekend I will be off a couple of days. First of all to pick up my mum who lives in the south. I will stay over for one night. Do some "EINKAUFEN" in Germany (my mum lives almost on the border).
And then hurry home tomorrow and hopefully have a crazy weekend!!!!

Stay tuned and till next week, XOXO Thea


Leny said...

Alsnog Van Harte!!!


The Bear's Blog said...

Happy Birthday!