18 January 2011

TIED UP.............

Ahhhhhhhhhhh time flies........
This picture above says more than enough I think.
In the past weeks I've been very busy with new designs and new techniques.
My head is literally "overflowing" with ideas. I look a bit like this at the moment ha ha ha:
Therefore I decided that I will only concentrate myself on the new designs and the PC is a big NO NO for me these days/weeks.

My hubby and I are also working on a new kitchen.........it's taking a lot of time and it is a hell of a job to decide what we want. But we did it!!!! The only thing is that we must wait until september. The "kitchenfarmer" is fully booked.

This weekend I'm off.......I'm going with my mum to a big creative craft exhibition called "HOBBY FESTIVAL". I'm really looking forward..........approx. 300 exhibitioners with all kinds of crafts, hobby's and supplies.......YEAHHHH!!!! From what I've heard it must be great.

So my blog will probably be quiet for a while.......no worries, you now know the reason.

Meanwhile have a nice time, stay tuned.......XOXO, Thea

05 January 2011

Have yourself a very warm birthday........

Phewwwwwwwwwww last night all of a sudden it was very warm in my house......
Look what I got:
this large candlelight birthday cake of one of my dearest friends.
It was totally surprised she brought me this cake. Typically for her to do such a sweet thing.
Yes you guessed it: yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!!!
Do you wanna now my age???
Count the candles on my cake.....
I bet you will not succeed he he he!!!

Together with the cake I got this lovely card.
Here is the translation:

are very healthy.

The fact is:
the more you celebrate,
the longer you live
LOL..........YUP........I AGREE WITH THAT!!!!!!

In preparation for my birthday party this weekend I will be off a couple of days. First of all to pick up my mum who lives in the south. I will stay over for one night. Do some "EINKAUFEN" in Germany (my mum lives almost on the border).
And then hurry home tomorrow and hopefully have a crazy weekend!!!!

Stay tuned and till next week, XOXO Thea

03 January 2011

Happy New Year

First of all I wanna wish you all a Happy New Year
and a "beary" creative 2011!!!
I came across this cartoon and it always makes me smile.....
I once used it to make my own Christmas cards several years ago.

A new year starts with new designs.
I already begun to create these new littlewoolfelt rabbits in the last days of 2010.
I made one that belonged to an order that I am currently working on. I was so happy with that result that I decided to create a whole bunch of these rabbits.
You have to wait for the final result.....the new owner gets to see them first......

So all I ask i: have a little patience dust :o) .....
and meanwhile: stay tuned...!!!
XOXO, Thea