21 December 2010

The Past , the Present & my Christmas wish

This speaks for itself:
I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but Holland is suffering from the HEARTS HYPE!!!!
Everywhere you look..........no matter where........there are HEARTS, HEARTS and more HEARTS in all shapes. So I also could not resist buying one of them.

Below is a picture of my Santa Claus from the past.
He is from my childhood. I saw a little Santa Claus in a German magazine and I wanted him so badly...!!!!! My mum decided to make me one. I still remember the day that we went to a craftstore to buy all the supplies that she needed.
And after a few days............my wish was fulfilled.......there he was: my own Santa Claus.
And every year he comes out of the box like a fairytale to me. And every year I remember the little girl of 8 years old when she got her Santa Claus.
The star is cut out by my father, who no longer lives.
So you will understand that this little Santa is very very dear to me.

I was up very late this morning.... (pssstttt.....I had overslept myself again....ggg....) but when I pulled up the blinds.....wow....the whole world looked like a fairytale!!!
It was sooooooo beautiful too see this mysterious sunlight.
It is very cold in Holland. Last night it was -13C. And we had a lot of SNOW!!! This year we have a white Christmas......YEAHHHH!!!
But I have to tell you a little secret: a beautiful winter landscape or not....I am not a "winter person"!! I am a SUMMER-LOVERS-JUNKIE!!! I hate the cold and love the heat and the sun.
I am a bare legs lover, a person that looks much better with a bronze tan instead of beeing pale with a dry, blotchy central heated skin and static hair.
The only thing you can do, is to remove yourself from the situation.
So this is what I will do: I may complain for a while and then I will leave on a 5 weeks holiday. Because this is what kind of person I am: A SUMMER HOLIDAYS PERSON!!!!

I have been busy decorating our house to make the winter a bit more cheerfull....despite the beautiful winterlandscape of this morning.

Our chimney..........with the Christmas Card "mousies"

Our 2.10 m high Christmas Tree.
It took me a morning to decorate it.......pfffffff.......

Our front window.......in the evening.

Many big Christmas hugssss and stay tuned........ Thea