22 October 2010

Autumn arrived......

Another week passed very quickly .... time goes by when you are busy. We had a visit from good friends who brought a beautiful bunch of flowers. It looks great all those warm autumn colors They are so beautiful to look at.

This week I made a teddy bear for my mother's birthday.
When I was filling her, I had to put her away to do something else. I had a big smile on my face when I looked at her and saw that she stood like this. I just had to make a picture of her.

"Little Miss Vera" (what's in a name) had to wait till the 12th of December and then she will fly away to my mothers house. Because of me she started collecting little bears . She's almost 80 yrs of age and she still likes to travel to teddy bears shows with me.
Next weekend we will both attend the International Doll & Teddybear fair at Ahoy - Rotterdam (Netherlands). It's a real Mecca for doll & teddy bear lovers and I am really looking forward.

The next coming weeks we are busy picking out a new kitchen!!!!! We want at least an English/Dutch country kitchen style. There are several "kitchen-farmers" in our neighbourhood who still design and create kitchens. It is hard to pick one ........ but in any case, and no matter what: the money printing machine will be turned on ..... lol......

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and great week.

XOXO & stay tuned.......


The Bear's Blog said...

Miss Thea,

Little Miss Vera is precious. We think she may be checking to see if her toes are just the way she wants them to look.(o:

Thank you for sharing that adorable picture. Have a wonderful weekend & a GRReat time at the show next week.

It would be fun to see your new kitchen when you are finished decorating.

Heaps of Hugs (to your Mum too)
Prudence & Sissy

Milly Me® Teddybears said...

LOL.........yeahhhh that's why she stood like this. You are so clever to understand what's in a bears mind!!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh dear, does it show? Guess when you love teddy bears you know what they are thinking. I wouldn't want to be any other way. (o: "I don't wanta grow up......"


Leny said...


I have missed you on Ahoy(I was there too???)

But okay,we can link our blogs....?