22 October 2010

Autumn arrived......

Another week passed very quickly .... time goes by when you are busy. We had a visit from good friends who brought a beautiful bunch of flowers. It looks great all those warm autumn colors They are so beautiful to look at.

This week I made a teddy bear for my mother's birthday.
When I was filling her, I had to put her away to do something else. I had a big smile on my face when I looked at her and saw that she stood like this. I just had to make a picture of her.

"Little Miss Vera" (what's in a name) had to wait till the 12th of December and then she will fly away to my mothers house. Because of me she started collecting little bears . She's almost 80 yrs of age and she still likes to travel to teddy bears shows with me.
Next weekend we will both attend the International Doll & Teddybear fair at Ahoy - Rotterdam (Netherlands). It's a real Mecca for doll & teddy bear lovers and I am really looking forward.

The next coming weeks we are busy picking out a new kitchen!!!!! We want at least an English/Dutch country kitchen style. There are several "kitchen-farmers" in our neighbourhood who still design and create kitchens. It is hard to pick one ........ but in any case, and no matter what: the money printing machine will be turned on ..... lol......

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and great week.

XOXO & stay tuned.......

14 October 2010

EURO TEDDY 2010 - Essen (Germany)

As promised I will show you some pictures which I made when I attended Euro Teddy in Essen (Germany). It was a great show, with lot's of fantastic bears all made by great teddy bear artists around the world. It was very nice to meet several artists from Australia and Russia.
They were exhibititing for the first time in Essen.
Most of the pictures are taken from the nominees who were taking part in the Euro Teddy Award of 2010.
I still do not know who the overall winner is......?????
Sorry, I checked the website, but there is no info available about 2010.
Please click on the pictures to enlarge....!!!

13 October 2010

TIME FLIES.............!!!!!!!

Boahhhhhh is it really so long ago since my last post..........!!!! Shame on me.
But I have a reason why I didn't post for so long:
I have been to France in September for about 3 weeks. We had a lovely holdiday which I needed. I was pretty exhausted when I left Holland.
We went to the center heart of France (Avergne) which is a very beautiful region. And one other thing about it which I love very much: it is QUIET!!!! The only thing you hear are the birds and bees and sometimes the fridge in the gîte that we rented......LOL. No ticking clock and no TV........And I didn't miss 'em at all. Below a few holiday pictures......

A room with a view....we had lots of dinners at this table while sitting in the evening sunshine!!!

You do not have to buy fruit in France...along the side of the road are many fruit trees....
"C'est gratuit"!!

The ancient cathedral of the city of Moulins.

Spotted in a local shop these two little "strawbearies"

Wow wow a mountain day at the famous Puy de Dôme....
"There ain't no mountain high enough"

Yesssssssss I did it......

And then.........I enjoyed a magnificant view.....

.....and I love to watch the para-gliders.....

A shop with beautiful fine French lace.
I bought several yards/meters. I love French laces very much.
I'm a "lace-junky" really I am.
I have boxes full of lace and I'm never tired to buy more .....

Still as fresh as a daisy but at the end of this hike completely wilted. I was broken.....LOL

Coming soon...
pictures of the Euro Teddy which was held at the 2nd & 3rd of October in Essen (Germany).
Stay tuned..........